Sakkarin Kongthon – Final Freestyle Flight – with Slow Motion Replay

As helicopter designs get stronger, and power systems get more powerful, this allows professional pilots to come up with even more complex and aggressive maneuvers. A lot of these maneuvers happen so quickly and are so complex that some people cant even comprehend what the model is doing this! I personally call this the “next generation” of pilots and flying.

One example of this where it is evident was on the final freestyle flight of Sakkarin Kongthon ( CD ) at Global 3D 2019. CD is a pilot from Thailand who has been coming up through the ranks in competitive R/C Helicopters. This year in preparation for Global 3D he was flying 15 flights per day every day of the week. He was spending all the flights coming up with new and innovative maneuvers and learning them with complete control so that he could do them consistently and aggressively low and fast during the competition.

In addition the 4525-520kv motor with 200amp ESC has also long been the standard for competition 3D helicopter flying. However for CD and other next generation pilots have now found that they need even MORE power to keep up with their maneuvers. So CD is using the Scorpion HKII – 4530-540kv Motor and Tribunus 300A ESC . This system can deliver 11,000 watts of power and completely discharges a 12s 5500mah battery in 3 minutes flat!

Since the flying style is so fast and complex now, our US distributor for Scorpion Power System, Mikado USA, made this video of CD’s winning final freestyle flight, and has added slow motion replays of the most aggressive and difficult parts to try and help you all understand just how complex the maneuvers are.

Sakkarin Kongthon – Final Freestyle Flight – with Slow Motion Replay

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 9.52.46 PM 2

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