IRCHA Speed Cup 2015

Congratulations to Chen Kun Hsiang won the second place at Unlimited Class and the second place at mini B Unlimited class.
Speed Record: 270 km/h.
Powered by: Scorpion HKIII-5035-540kv Speed Edition.
Congratulations to Chance Hsu won the second place at Pro modify class.
Speed Record: 226 km/h.
Powered by: Scorpion HKIII-5035-540kv Speed Edition.
Congratulations to Matt Botos is the winner of Sportman Class.
Speed Record: 209 km/h.
Powered by: Scorpion  HK-4535-610kv Limited Edition.
Congratulations to Georges Van Gansen won the second place at Sportman class.
Speed Record: 203.97 km/h.
Powered by: Scorpion HK-4540 Georges Edition.

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