Scorpion drivers at the TFTR Masters

At February 12th-14th The TFTR Masters, an Annual event held at the wonderful Templestowe Flat Track Racers (TFTR) took place. Read their experience below:
It is generally one of the first events of the racing calendar for many, and one I always travel too.
The schedule for this race is a little different to most, with 5 Qualifiers and 5 finals taking place, making tire strategies important. In the Modified class, we received 4 sets total (if needed), and the stock 13.5 class receiving just 2 sets.
This year the track surface had just been re-laid in brand new Bitumen and a new layout was made, meaning it was fair game for those who attended with the track only being finished 1 week prior. Practice on Friday saw some hot conditions and I quickly learnt the track and went on to find a decent setup. I played with different rotor choices and power settings, and decided on the 12.3mm rotor. I went in seeded 2nd for Qualifying on Saturday Morning.
Saturday was among us, qualifying day. The track temperature was even higher with 35 degree Celsius weather making conditions stressful and tricky for the tires and electronics. I found myself having a pretty consistent day and trying a few things to try and catch the TQ pace set by my VBC Teammate Ryan Maker. I would end Qualifying a solid 2nd place, with pace indicating we had a decent gap to 3rd. In the stock 13.5 class Team scorpion and awesomatix driver, Tom De Nardis took the opening 3 rounds of qualifying to secure the TQ position.
Finals on Sunday and the track was much cooler with the air temperature only being 23 degrees Celsius. This seemed to suit me and my car better as I was able to match the pace set by my teammate. We had some close races but I had to settle for a very happy 2nd place, (two 2nd, one 1st ) and Tom was able to secure the win from the TQ spot with three 1st place finishes! Overall a great result for us, and the Team Scorpion products certainly attracted some attention. My car was also recorded at the highest speed down the back straight (103km/h), over 5km/h faster than anything else registered.
We are looking forward to the next few upcoming races, A big Thank you to Team Scorpion for the great products and support!
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