Scorpion Tribunus ESC latest firmware V52 is released!!

We just released the latest V52 firmware for all Scorpion Tribunus ESC, please update your Tribunus ESC. Below is the update log.

– for 14S ESC increased measurement precision on phases (better starting, better sync)
– Added additional start up calibration (increased power on time)
– Added one more protection for maximum ESC temeperature (2s delay, 130 for mosfet, 110 for control)
Рadded event flag  for sync loose (after 2s of sync error, power will be cut to 40A for14S and 12S, to 30A for 6S)
– added short circuit protection
– set default BEC voltage to 5V
– fixed bailout and restart mistake for Vbar mode
– added RPM output signal for all modes
– added writing instant error code to the log
–¬† Added time for unsolicited telemetry mode. Added additional check for false switch to PC mode.
– Changed maximum allowed current for 14S to 280A.
– It supported 06-120A ESC and 14-200S BEC ESC.

Tribunus 14-200A V52 firmware.


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