Lee Martin racing blog- MKGP in Silverstone club

Congratulations to Lee Martin won the TQ and the first place in 2wd and 2nd place in 4wd class.

Weekend is over! It was a fantastic weekend racing with the team. Managed to take home the TQ and win in 2wd with the YZ-2 and came home 2nd in 4wd after some really good races. The MKGP was a fantastic event run by Silverstone club that is refreshing to see being pushed into the public eye and being inside the Milton Keynes shopping centre was the perfect way to showcase our hobby.
The LMR RC team also did great and it was a pleasure sitting and racing with these guys.
Thanks to everyone for coming and supporting us.

Also RIP to two of our racing family who were lost last week. Dallas and Andrew Simpson. Condolences to all their families, you will be missed and not forgotten.

Congrats and thank you to the Silverstone club for the great event.


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