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Speed World Record Flight Rothenburg 2011


Scorpion motors achieved new World Record!

Congratulation to Mr. Christian Köperl, Mr. Werner Heieck & Mr. Powercroco achieved the new world records in the recent World Record Flight Rothenburg 2011 in Germany.

Mr. Christian Köperl got the new world speed record with 239.68km/h average in to the 200m distance, 52km/h more compared with the old world record. His helicopter is powered by Scorpion HK-5035 evolution edition.

Mr. Werner Heieck got the new duration world record, his helicopter flied 1 hour and 17 minutes in air, 7 minutes longer than the old world record. His helicopter was powered by the Scorpion HK-4520 prototype with 0.1mm stator plate’s lamination.

Mr. Powercroco, used his eagle for the "Combo" class flying, powered by a 7S Lipo and 3 blocks 9V alkali-batteries, got 372.82km/h average with 12" x 24" rpm, flying with less than 13000rpm, and he will be the FAI-world record holder.