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Alex Wiehenstroth

Country: Germany
RC Type: Helicopter
Flying Year Since: 2010
Participation Event or Competition with rewards:

Hi, I´m Alex Wiehenstroth and i live in Guetersloh-Germany.

I have been flying RC helicopters since 2010. My first competition was HeliMasters in 2013.
I´ve joined the Mikado team in 2014 and Scorpion Power Systems team in 2015, which is a gladness for me.

I have been using Scorpion Motors since i started flying in 2010. They bring the needed power into my Heli, which is really important, especially for competitions.

At the moment i´m using the Commander V-Series ESC in combination with the HKIII-4525 Motors in my helicopters (Logo 690SX& Logo 700XXteme), which is the most reliable and powerful combination I´ve ever used. I also use the HK-4015 in my Logo 480XXtreme.

All pilots work together with Scorpion to test and develop new product lines to reach the highest level of Power systems in the RC business.


My Events:

3D Masters/HeliMasters Venlo

HeliMasters Noerdlingen

3D Cup France
Alpine Heli Smackdown Swiss
HeliChallenge Swiss
RotorLive Germany

Habo HeliMeeting Sweden

HeliDays Myto Czech Republic

Vbar Meeting 25years Mikado

many local FunFly´s in Germany


I´m really happy about being a part of team Scorpion and I´m looking forward to a good co-operation with my favorite brand of Power Systems on the market in the future.