Scorpion Power System

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Daniel Schreier

Country: Germany
RC Type: Helicopter
Flying Year Since: 2014
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Hello, I`m Daniel Schreier from Germany. From the very beginning of flying Mikado Model Helicopters (2015) I have been using Scorpion motors. The motors do always a great job with a lot of power. So I`m glad to be a part of the Scorpion team since 2016. 
LOGO 600 SX: Scorpion HKIII 4035-450kv 
LOGO 550 SX: Scorpion HKIII 4025-1100kv mit Ø5x32mm Welle 
LOGO 400 SE: Scorpion HK-4015-1070kv custom made motor for LOGO 400 SE