Rotor Asia Masters 2019 – Day 1 Review and Report

Saturday the 24th marks the start of the largest RC helicopter competition in China.

Rotor Asia Masters 2019
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This even which is hosted by Danny Wang is in its 3rd year and with every year it seems to get bigger and better. This year there are more international pilots, more sponsors, and more prize money! The weather is hot and humid which makes tough conditions for the pilots and models but it is nothing we can’t handle!
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The amount of preparation and work put in to the event by Danny Wang is very evident as the feeling at the event is one which is very professional and official. Also the flying facility is really something impressive. It has a huge grass runway, along with a hanger to store models, restaurant, cafe, and bathroom facilities!
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The competition has different levels for basic Pilots, advanced pilots, and then Masters/ International Class. There are pilots such as Marik Wiehenstroth from Germany, Sakarin Kongthon and Vava from Thailand, Peter Hsaio and Ryan Chiu from Taiwan, myself from the USA, and many others from France, Korea, Australia and more. The format will be 2 flight format, Music and Freestyle. However one interesting point was that in the freestyle, before starting the flight, all pilots had to do one set maneuver. A 4 point tick tock which they were judged on how precisely they did it, and then this would be added to your score.
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Today we all arrived at the field and were shocked at how many spectators there was. The event was very busy with many people eager to see the RC helicopters fly. There was an opening ceremony which also had dance performances and presentations. We all felt very welcomed at this event. Following the opening ceremonies there were some sponsor demos from Mikado, Gaui, and SAB.
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Then there was a lunch prepared for all pilot which was very good typical Chinese Spicy food!

After this the competition started. First to fly was the Basic Pilots who flew there freestyle round. This consisted of a lot of local pilots from China and also surrounding countries such as Thailand and Malaysia. Following them was the Advance class who also flew there freestyle flight.
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After these 2 rounds then there was the Masters Class. Masters Class would fly 2 round. The first being the Freestyle, then followed by the Flight to Music.
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Peter Hsaio from Team Gaui and Team Scorpion, started the round off and had a very good flight going, but unfortunately towards the end he had a Mechanical Failure which resulted in a crash. This forced him to have to re fly using his yellow card. However his yellow card flight was very good and will keep him in the competition.

Next was Sakkarin CD Kongthon from Team Mikado and Team Scorpion. CD is the current World Champion of RC Helicopters having won Global 3D earlier this year. He delivered a very high charged and aggressive, yet innovative and technical flight! One of the best I ever saw!
IMG_7287 IMG_7285

Following this was Marik Wiehenstroth of Team Mikado and Team Scorpion. Marik had a amazing flight going but unfortunately it ended abruptly about a minute in when he had his Spindle Bolt come out! Causing the blades to eject and then spectacularly free fall to the ground! This was caught on camera by Dan Smyth. Check out the link here! Marik also used his Yellow card and did a good flight so he is still in the running.
DSC04860 DSC04858

After this was Vava from Team SAB and Team Scorpion. Vava did a great flight. He is a great up and coming pilot from Thailand.

Lastly there was me who flew my Logo 700 with Scorpion Power System. I was very pleased with the flight I did and was happy that I had no issues!

Immediately after this we all put fresh batteries in and got ready for the Flight to Music round. All pilots flew clean rounds with no crashes!

(Team Scorpion )

As of the end of the event they had not posted Scores yet for the Masters Class so we will see tomorrow how the finishing is and will see how it changes in the finals!

I will report back tomorrow with more results.
Kyle Dahl

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