A thank you from Avion Cargo Polytechnique Montréal!

While Scorpion Power Systems primarily focuses on the R/C Hobby Market, they are actually quite known in the Industrial world as well! Scorpion Motors and ESC’s are used on a wide range of industrial drones, airplanes, and helicopters due to their premium performance, and quality design components.

One such application is for the “Avion Cargo Polytechnique” team in Montreal, Canada. This is a School program which has students design Airplanes for competitions in the SAE Aero Design International competition. Scorpion is happy to help support this team of students and is proud to say that this year they got many awards for their performance! Check out what the team has to say below!

“On behalf of the entire Avion Cargo Polytechnique team, we wanted to thank you personally for the unconditional support of Scorpion Power Systems during the year 2018-2019. Thanks to your help, the Avion Cargo was able to reach 3rd place in the SAE Aero Design West international competition this year in the categories of oral presentation, flight performance and overall position. In addition to this great world ranking, your support and the commitment of the members of the Avion Cargo has led to several important achievements during the year 2018-2019:

  • Increased visibility at external events (Snowbirds Air Show, ADRIQ Innovation Gala, FIRST robotics competition, etc.)
  • Design review with the industry
  • Flight tests in Joliette, a first in 20 years


Once again, we would like to thank you for the support of Scorpion Power Systems. We are confident that next year will be even more fruitful.”


Do not forget to go and like their Facebook page, to be aware of the latest developments of the project!

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