New Product Option! – 12s for 35cc Gas Equivalent airframes – SII-5525-170kv Motor

One of the most popular R/C airplane sizes for electric use is for Aerobatic Airplanes in the 73-78” range. These airplanes typically use a 30-40cc gas engine and are loved by people because they are a perfect size. The aircraft size is large enough to have a fantastic presence in the air, yet is not so big that it becomes inconvenient to transport to and from your airfield. There are models in this size from companies such as Extreme Flight, 3DHS, Skywing, Pilot RC, AJ Aircraft and many more.

As electric airplanes became more and more popular Scorpion made sure that they had a motor which worked in this size category. They developed and produced the SII-5525-210 kv motor which was designed to work on 10s battery system as that was a popular battery size at the time. This power system worked VERY well and is still a good, and available option today. However as time goes on new trends emerge.

As time has gone on smaller 12s power systems have become more and more popular because people use low mah 6s packs in smaller aircraft, and then can double them in series to make 12s packs as well.

So with this new trend, Scorpion has updated their product list to now allow a 12s power system option for this 30-40cc aircraft range! So let us introduce the

SII-5525-170kv Motor for 12s 35cc applications!


With a 20x10E or 21x8E propeller this is a VERY strong power system! As seen here in a promo video by Team Pilot Kyle Dahl.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 10.12.30 PM

Also this power system is very convenient because 60” aerobatic airplanes (which use a SII-4020-540kv motor) typically use a 6s 3500-4000mah battery. Now with this SII-5525-170kv motor, it works perfectly with 73-78” aerobatic airframes and is designed to run on 12s 3500-4000mah batteries! So if you want 2 size of airplanes which have a common battery size, this is a great option for you.

So next time you are searching for a power system for your 30-40cc size airplane, make sure you consider Scorpion Power System!

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