Model Ship Sport China National 2013


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  1. Peter Kovac says:

    Hi Team Scorpion!

    Since long time Im looking at your products, especially motors for eco-mono-hydro Naviga classes.
    Great art & performance combo.

    Wish you all the best.

    Greetings from Slovakia (Central Europe)

    Peter Kovac

    FYI: Im the designer of the highly succesfull mono1 and mono2 boats:

    EL FUEGO V1 and V2 (mono2 worldchampion and vice worldchampion- by Samuel Miroir France and Dariusz Szimanski Poland), also Tenshock copied/modified it as Tomahawk mono2

    LA FURIA V1 (mono1 multiple worldchampion- Liang Qi and Ming Wei Bi, CHN use the modified hull)

    LA FURIA V2 (mono1 vice worldchampion- Etti copied it as SARS mono1 Mark Scheren Germany)

    The new line of mono1 and mono2 is in the development process: PARABELLUM M1 and M2.

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