Speed cup of 3D Cup world edition France

3D Cup world edition France  had several category of competition,

in 3D, Unlimited , Challenger , Ultimate,  then the Speed cup in Open class and Unlimited class, flown on FAI 200 Meter + 100 Meter entry course. ( 100 Meter entry was not strictly enforced) .

last will be the 450 class Pylon racing and FPV race.

Since in 2015 Heli Master and 3D master is not happening, 3D cup had a real world class turn out in terms of Pilots, lot’s of great pilot came and competed.

Below is some of the pilot flying with Scorpion motors and/or ESC, over 90% of the pilot choose to use Scorpion motors and more than half of them is using Scorpion ESC.

I personally competed in the Open class speed cup, turnout was not great in terms of pilots but I manage to get lucky and won it with speed of 233KM/h, in open class ( regular stock heli with no modifications allowed) this is so far my best speed ever using HK4540 , guess I got lucky!  😉 and I had the best caller ever Eli Katzav watching out for me and also reminding and correcting my flight path, Thank you Eli, it was great fun!!

The unlimited class speed cup was won by Mr. Kun-Hsiang Chen from Taiwan, He achieved a speed of 326KM/h Using HK5035-500 1.4MM x 2 YY, since no FAI official was on site and the 100M entry was not enforced, it’s not a official new world record, how ever it’s still unofficially the fastest RC helicopter flight ever achieved in an competition, Big Congratulations to Mr. Kun-Hsiang Chen.

Photo of the 2 Speed cup winners

My entire setup is

JR Forza 700 ( 13T pinion)

JR Servo DS8925 + JR8900G

Mikado V Bar Blue line FBL system

Mikado V Control Radio

Scorpion HK4540-500

Scorpion Commander 14S160A ESC

Scorpion 12S 65C 5000 Mah lipo.

X Blade 713 main blade + 85MM Mikado plastic tail blades.


Mr. Kun-Hsiang Chen setup is

Diabolo S

Futaba 14SG + Futaba servo

Beast X FBL system

Scorpion HK5035-500

Kontronik Kosmik 200A

Thunder Power 7S 70C 4400Mah  X2, ( 14S)

X Blade 713 + K&S 95MM plastic tail blade.


I’m looking forward to IRCHA speed cup!! Hopefully I’l get lucky again…

See you guys at IRCHA 2015!!

More to come on the 3D competition part !!

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