2016 Essex Winter Series!

The third round of the Essex Winter Series championship has been wrapped up from this weekend, it was an incredible race and battle!

Elliot Harper was leading into the standings with two perfect scores, with an incredible close second round win with a gap of only three-hundredths of a second! Harley Eldridge held her own by coming in a very close second, Kyle Branson sitting in third place and Chris Grainger in fourth. The top eight positions were separated by less than four seconds!

The final was a very impressive and hard fought battle. Harley worked hard to pass Elliot but a very small mistake allowed Olly to pass her on a turn, Harley’s main goal now was to try to pass Olly. Chris Grainger managed to find an opening and pass both Olly and Harley to pull himself into a solid second place, Alan Bickerstaff worked hard and fought into the fourth position. Elliot Harper secured first place as well as some more points to head into the fifth round of the championship, one step closer to having the EWS title.

Scorpion Modified A Final Result:

  1. (1) Elliot Harper – 22L 306.80
  2. (5) Chris Grainger – 21L 300.81
  3. (3) Olly Jefferies – 21L 302.81
  4. (6) Alan Bickerstaff – 21L 302.97
  5. (2) Harley Eldrige – 21L 303.11
  6. (8) Matthew White – 21L 304.50
  7. (4) Kyle Branson – 21L 309.09
  8. (10) John Pape – 21L 313-26
  9. (9) Alex Thurston – 21L 313.37
  10. (7) Paul Pinkney – 20L 305.70

The Super Stock Class was fought between the winners of R1 and R2, Tony Broad and Zak Finlay. Tony won the first round with Richard King right behind him, just ahead of Zak. Zak had the fastest time in Q2 beating Tony, Richard and Marcus Askell. Tony was able to win the third qualifier again beating Zak, Marcus and Ashley Wiffen. Tony secured overall TQ by winning the final round ahead of Zak and Marcus.

At the beginning of the A Final, Richard unfortunately jumped the line at the start, and was forced to drop to the back of the group at the first corner to avoid and time penalties. Because of this, Marcus, Ashley and Ricky Copsey (R1 podium finisher) fought for third place as Tony lead with Zak closely behind.

WTF Super Stock A Final Result:

  1. (1) Tony Broad – 21L 306.29
  2. (2) Zak Finlay – 21L 306.53
  3. (4) Marcus Askell – 21L 310.10
  4. (7) Ricky Copsey – 21L 311.73
  5. (5) Ashley Wiffen – 21L 314.06
  6. (3) Richard King – 20L 300.19
  7. (8) Ben Pedersen – 20L 302.17
  8. (6) Tim Hancock – 20L 303.69
  9. (9) Jamie Hickin – 20L 304.78
  10. (10) Chris Page – 20L 308.80

A big congratulations to all of the drivers for their amazing performance! A big shout out to the juniors, Harley Eldridge for her excellent Modified class driving, as well as Adam Southgate with a C Final placing in the Super Stock class.

The series takes a short break for Christmas and returns on January 22nd for the penultimate round of the series. Results can be found at: http://www.ewsevents.co.uk/race-results


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