Using Scorpion Modeling Mesh to increase cooling for your ESC and motor on your RC Helicopter!

Increase cooling for your ESC and motor on your RC Helicopter!

Using Scorpion Modeling Mesh

Most of the Helicopter maker don’t really consider the importance of cooling for your power electronics, so here is a simple solution, cut some cooling holes in your canopy, some peoples will not be doing this because they think they are destroying their beautiful canopy, follow the simple step below and the damage of looks will be minimal.

Use masking tape to mark the place for the cooling holes.
Modeling Mesh 01

Then use a Dremel with a small diamond cutting disk to cut the holes, leave a bit of space and finish it using a diamond fill.
Modeling Mesh 02

Do not remove the masking tape yet.
Modeling Mesh 03

Use a paint maker to paint the edges after the cut been done, use same colour or similar colours as the canopy, in my case, Black.
Modeling Mesh 04

Lightly spray the modelling mesh so the color will be similar to the canopy, here again it’s black.
Modeling Mesh 05

After spraying it with Tamiya black spray paint.
Modeling Mesh 06

Cut the mesh to fit the holes, leave some extra for the glue on all 4 side.
Modeling Mesh 07

Carefully mix some Epoxy, for me Zpoxy is best! Been using it for over 20 years, always happy of the results, use a small brush to brush the epoxy on the side of the holes, do 1 side at a time here,  and pre bend the mesh in to shape that will fit your canopy curves.
When applying the mesh, use the twiser to carefully place the mesh on the pre glued holes before the epoxy harden, then use the twiser to carefully make sure the mesh is conforming to the curve of the canopy so its leaves no gap in between .

Modeling Mesh 08

After the epoxy has hardened, a view from the inside.
Modeling Mesh 09

TA DA…. all done, your electronics is now very happy with the extra cooling and the canopy looks absolutely great!
Modeling Mesh 10Modeling Mesh 11Modeling Mesh 12


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