Tribunus series ESC V.49 update !

Tribunus ESC Critical firmware update!

Tribunus series ESC V.49 update is released, please update as soon as possible, added security!

– update protection algorithm.

– Added temperature measurement bug fix.

– Added continues current limitation based on timeout set in pc program. Value is calculated as current value set on the program x 2 + 12A Gap, but no more         than maximum allowed current for device

–  BEC protection improved.

–   Fixed problem with beep mode with different motor direction settings.

–  Added motor checking before beeping.

– Changed default maximum temperature setting to 120 degrees

– Changed default protection delay setting to 5 seconds

– Changed default maximum current setting to 200A for 14S ESC.

– Limited maximum pulse current to 250A for 6S ESC and to 350A for 14S ESC

– Fixed problem with not enough current for calibration process and motor check process.

– Time out for PC connection in Unsc Telem communications mode extended to 15 second from 10 second.

-Governor maximum RPM calculations increased by 5%.

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