Dzwonkowski at 3 Polish Championship Round – Kromolice 2017

Congratulations to Matthew and Jacek Dzwonkowski both have a great result in 3 Polish Championship Round – Kromolice 2017


Mini Eco Junior-1 place
Mini Eco Senior-5 place
Eco Junior-1 place
Eco Senior-1 place
Mini Hydro Junior-1 place
Mini Hydro Senior-2 place
Hydro 1 Senior-3 place

Matthew’s boat powered by : Eco – IS-2835-3300kv, Mini Eco – IS-2815-2850kv, Mini hydro – IS-2815-3300kv

Fsr-E-2 place
Mini Eco Senior-3 place

Jacek’s boat powered by Mini Eco Senior-3 place Eco Senior-4 place Powered by: Eco – IS-2835-3300kv, Hydro1 – IS-2840-3700kv

Result summary
IRunda2017Wyniki V01


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