Switching from VBar govenor mode to internal Tribunus govenor with Mikado VBar Control

If you want to use the internal Tribunus ESCs govenor and you was using VBar govenor before please follow these steps (please remove the blades first for safety reasons):

  • choose “Gov. with recalc values” in your Tribunus ESC settings



  • restart the ESC (store), ESC will restart



  • disable Scorpion App in your VBar control3
  • go to model setup/ govenor/ govenor mode and choose “external”


  • calibrate throttle endpoints of the ESC: go to model setup/ setup tools/ ESC setup wizard and choose “other ESC, then go to full negative collective stick position, turn off the ESC, go to full collective stick position on your VBar control, power up the ESC again, wait few seconds for one beep of the ESC and go to full negative collective stick position on your Vbar control, you will hear two beeps and POS Morse code come from the motor, this mean your calibration is done




  • enable Scorpion App for telemetry features


After these steps you can select a fixed trottle value in your govenor menu/ ESC output for each flight bank while using Tribunus ESC internal govenor.


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