IRCHA Jamboree 2017

IRCHA Jamboree 2017 in Muncie- Indiana. The place to be for all Model helicopter fans and pilots every year beginning of August!

Results for Scorpion pilots this year:

1st place Nick Maxwell in “battle of the brands” competition using Scorpion Motor

1st place Mitch Marozas night flight competition using Scorpion Motor and Tribunus ESC

2nd place for Nick Maxwell in speed F4 Master class using Scorpion Motor

3rd place for Georges van Gansen in speed F4 Master classusing Scorpion Motor and ESC

All in all it´s one of the best events during the flying season.

Below you can see some pictures of this years IRCHA.

Nick Maxwell Battle of the brands

Marik Wiehenstroth Battle of the brands

Kyle Dahl Battle of the brands

If you want to enjoy more picture, feel free to check out the following links from Jenni Alderman:

IRCHA 2017 pictures part 1

IRCHA 2017 pictures part 2

IRCHA 2017 pictures part 3

If you enjoyed the pictures and videos, make sure you will be at IRCHA 2018… see you!

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