New Release !!! HKIV-5035 series !!


Since January 2012 the HKIII-50 series has released, this is one of the best motor for helicopter in 700 Speed helicopter and 800 class. After 8 years now we are pleased to announce the forth generation of HK-50 motor, HKIV-5035 series motor!!! With the same motor design and materials of HKII-45 series, and single strand winding technique on this size of motor, it has the better efficiency and power conversion than HKIII-50 series, with an entirely new EM field design, while improving the compatibility with various speed controllers available on the market. With the new design of the rotor and new configuration, Scorpion HKIV-5035 series not only provide even higher efficiency, but also higher peak power and higher torque with lower running temperature.  It is now available right now with three different kv.


MSRP : USD349.99

Scorpion HKIV-5035-500KV (8mm 55mm)

Scorpion HKIV-5035-410KV (6mm 55mm)

Scorpion HKIV-5035-380KV (8mm 55mm)


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