New Released !!! Scorpion cable set 550mm (Tribunus use)!!


The Tribunus ESC comes already with a 410mm ESC/BEC cable set. But sometimes, depending on your application, you will need a longer cable set so you don't need to use extension cables on your model. 

Some models like a SAB Kraken, Black Thunder Sport or others 700 and 800 class helicopter, as well as Giant Scale Airplanes, will require a longer cable set in order to reach the RX from the ESC. 

Now we present the Scorpion cable set 550mm (Tribunus use) produced by RCPROPLUS, which is 140mm longer, but provides a low resistance benefit, preventing voltage drop over the long length of the cable with low interference noise.

Compared to others cable sets on the market, it is easy to see the difference, and why you need this cable with our ESC if your model requires a longer length of ESC/BEC cables.


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