Tribunus telemetry to Jeti radio Headspeed upgrade

Tribunus to Jeti Headspeed display app just got a minor upgrade to show the correct Headspeed on your Jeti Radio using a Tribunus Speed Controller.


  • updated the Jeti application to convert RPM from the Scorpion Tribunus to Head Speed
  • it now logs the headspeed to a Jeti compatible log file so you can plot it with the Jeti application
  • as an added bonus you will find the MHSFA Speed and drag racing app in the same zip file with instructions for them all.

Please follow one of the two links below to download the latest version of the application:…/Jeti%20Applications%20for%20Speed…

Thank you very much Alastair Cornack for upgrading the RPM telemetry application!

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