Lee Martin Racing blog: 2020 EOS Rd1

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EOS R1 – Daun, is done. A great event at the hugely popular German round. The largest ever entry at an EOS event meant that we had 39 heats over all classes and days lasting from 7am until 11.30pm!!! (Who … Continue reading

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Microraptor UFJF 2019 Annual report

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Scorpion Power System not only sponsor RC Helicopter/Airplane pilot goes to world class competitions, we also sponsor the project that come from university and they go to the competition like SAE Aerodesign. Microraptor UFJF is one of the team sponsor … Continue reading

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Team Scorpion at TITC 2020

The TITC 2020 is in the books. Congratulations to Team Scorpion Driver have the great result this year.

Modify class, Meen A5, Charlee B2

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-25 at 14.45.59WhatsApp Image 2020-02-25 at 14.46.02WhatsApp Image 2020-02-25 at 14.46.01

FF class, Stickking A3, Kit B2
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-25 at 14.46.03WhatsApp Image 2020-02-24 at 10.35.19 (1)

Open brushless class, Kit A7

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-23 at 20.34.17WhatsApp Image 2020-02-23 at 20.34.39 WhatsApp Image 2020-02-22 at 18.53.59 WhatsApp Image 2020-02-25 at 14.46.02 (1)

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Arizona Electric Festival 2020

Arizona Electric Festival 2020

One of the largest Electric only fun flies in the USA takes place every February just outside of Phoenix AZ. It is called the Arizona Electric Festival (AEF) and this year the date was Feb 7-8 and it attracted pilots from all over Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah and the rest of the west coast. The weather was perfect, about 70 deg with no wind and sunny skies.


There was just under 100 pilots in attendance with many more spectators who came out to check out the show and learn about the hobby.


Mikado USA, the North American distributor for Scorpion was in attendance to support the event and also demonstrate Scorpions amazing power systems for airplane applications. Team pilots Santiago Perez and Kyle Dahl were in attendance.

DSC06837.2 DSC06901.2

Santiago had at the event one interesting plane. It was his 35% Extreme Flight Extra 300 which normally is his competition freestyle airplane which normally uses a 120cc gas engine.


The interesting thing about this plane was that it was still gas power directly up until the event. Right before the event Santiago decided to convert this gas freestyle model to electric power using the Scorpion SII-6530-180kv motor.

To do this Santiago used the new Scorpion Freestyle Cross Mount, which is a new motor mount which matches the bolt hole spacing of a 120cc gas engine which made it  very easy to convert his model to electric power. He even left the existing fuel tanks/ throttle servo/ ignition / smoke system in the model to make it easier to switch back to gas when he wanted to. With electric power the extra weight from these extra parts was not an issue and the model still flew beautifully! The conversion took Santiago just 15 minutes to do.
Check out the video about this here!

During the noon demos Santi and Kyle did there legendary Airplane/ Helicopter Tandem show which was a big hit with the crowd!

IMG_0714 IMG_0715 DSC06908.2

Also one great plane to see was SupaTim’s (from NWRC) with his 120” Bushmaster which was also running the Scorpion SII-6530-180KV motor with Tribunus 130A ESC on 12s 5500mah batteries. Electric power suited this plane very well!
DSC06819 DSC06832

One other exciting model was Kyle Dahl’s super fast CARF Spark. This Jet is quite small but uses 12s 5800mah batteries and drains them in 3 minutes due to its high power draw! It has a 110mm 4 bladed fan with a Tribunus II 200A ESC. At the event they had a radar gun and they clocked the jet going 184mph (293kmh)!


All in all this event was a great one to attend to! There was always flying going on and always something nice to see.

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Lee Martin racing blog: Reedy Race 2020

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Reedy Race 2020 is over! Had some ups and downs but grabbed myself a couple of wins and should have maybe had a couple more. My Yokomo YZ-2DTM3 was especially Dialed in over the last couple of days. Smooth power … Continue reading

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Lee Martin Racing blog: British Open GP 2019

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What a great weekend! We took the win in 4wd and 2nd in 2wd at the British Open GP. My Scorpion powered Yokomo cars were on the money this weekend, especially my #Yokomo YZ4SF which was fast and really fun … Continue reading

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Sproto server maintenance time.

We would like to let you know the Sproto program may not connect to the server during the server maintenance time. And it will start from the end of this week till about 2nd of February.

It may cause some customer problems during this period. like:

– for the short periods of time the server may be unavailable.

– customer may have problems with registration. In this case they should wait the server back online, may need to download the Sproto program again after.

– customer may have problems with login. In this case they should send us a message with login name and email.

– customer may have problems with firmware update. It may happen just during short periods of time.

Will update again when all is done.

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New Product – Scorpion 40mm High Speed Cooling Fan – Review and Test Results

Scorpion 40mm High Speed Cooling Fan

Depending on the circumstances some models might have their Scorpion Tribunus 200 or 300A ESC running a little hot. These factors could be

  • Poor airflow
  • Aggressive Flying Style
  • Hot ambient air temperature

If you have one or more of these factors on your model then you might benefit from a little added cooling to your Scorpion ESC. Luckily Scorpion now has a great new product for you!

We introduce the Scorpion 40mm High Speed Cooling fan


After much testing of standard consumer computer fans Scorpion decided that they were not powerful enough or not fit for the rigors of RC helicopter flying. In aggressive flying or particularly crashes the normal computer fans would break apart, or at the best quickly wear out causing noisy operation. After this realization Scorpion set out to create their own cooling fan which was designed to endure this type of situations. The result is the new 40mm High Speed Cooling Fan.


This Cooling fan has an aluminum body which can handle this type of aggressive flying. In addition it has 2 tone black and gold anodizing which gives it a very good appearance and high quality look. This cooling fan spins at 16,000 RPM @ 8.4V which provides TONS of airflow over your ESC.


Check out the video from Kyle Dahl where he reviews this new Cooling Fan, and also does comparative testing to see how much temperature difference you get when using the fan vs not using the fan. Very impressive results!


Kyle Scorpion Fan

This Cooling Fan is available now so make sure you consider it for your Scorpion Tribunus 200A or 300A ESC!

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Helitreffen Wolfhagen 2019 Album part 2

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This is part 2 of the Helitreffen Wolfhagen 2019 Album, you can see many pilots with their huge scale helicopter in the event. Thanks Carsten Schier for the photos share.

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Helicopter Bailout Mode : Safety Advice

Hello Scorpion customers and Happy New Years! We look forward to a great 2020 and wish everyone many happy and safe flights.

To help accomplish that, we would like to give you all some very important safety advice when using the bailout feature of the Scorpion Tribunus ESC’s. The Scorpion bailout is a feature where you can set a Throttle Hold which has 2 positions. The first position bringing the throttle output percentage to ~15%, and then the 2nd position taking it all the way to 0%.

The first position will turn off the motor, but it will keep it in “Bailout Mode” which means if you click the switch back to Run, the ESC will spool up very quickly (few seconds). This allows you to save your model from a bad autorotation if needed. Then the 2nd position (0%) will turn off the motor and also put it back into standard spool up speed.

The advice we have to give is that if you use the “Bailout” mode to do an autorotation or land your model, before going to pick up your model, or think about spooling up again to take off again you MUST FIRST put the switch to the 2nd position (0% Throttle). This will put the ESC back into standard spool up rate mode.

If you leave the model in Bailout mode, and go to pick it up and while carrying it you accidentally hit the Throttle Hold switch back to Run the model will spool up very quickly with full power in your hand and that can cause serious injury and damage to yourself and your model. Even if you try to do a spool up on the ground from the Bailout Mode this can also damage your helicopter. It can strip the gears, or will cause the model to spin around many times due to torque and can cause damage.

So please ensure that after you land your model, you always put it immediately to “Full Off” (0%) so that the ESC will not unintentionally spool up quickly if you click back to run for some reason.

With that safety notice out of the way, we wish you all again a happy 2020 and happy flying!

Scorpion Power System

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