Mitch Marozas – Goes Team Miniature Aircraft!!

If you have been following 3D R/C Helicopters for the last 11 years then for sure you have heard of Mitch Marozas.
Team Scorpion Mitch Marozas V01

Mitch Marozas got his start in Competitive R/C Helicopters in August of 2008 at the “Irchas Got Talent” event. This event was sponsored by Empire Hobbies who at the time was one of Scorpions Distributors, and the Gaui Distributorship in the USA. This amateur competition’s 1st place prize was, a Team Rep Position on Team Empire/Scorpion. Mitch at the time was flying Nitro Miniature Aircraft Helicopters, but he won the event and this set him on the path he has been on for the last 11 years.
Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 8.56.05 PM

After this event Mitch went on flying and competing for Team Scorpion and Team Gaui impressing pilots and spectators alike at many events and competitions. He has competed at competitions such as XFC, Ircha’s “ONE” Competition, and Global 3D.

However after 10 Years Mitch has decided to pursue new avenues and change Helicopter Sponsors. However he will continue to fly for Team Scorpion!

On his Social Media Mitch said

“I would like to take a second and announce I will no longer be flying for Gaui/Empire Hobby. I would like to thank Jack Burnside and Dave Sobel for taking a chance on me. The year was 2008, I was a nervous 10 year old boy eager to start my first helicopter contest. Little did I know, this would open so many doors for me. After the contest, Jack offered me a sponsorship and changed my life. Over the last 10+ years I have traveled to places across the world I never would have thought, met thousands of people, and most importantly had fun doing it. Once again thank you Jack, thank you Dave, it has been a dream come true! I will still be traveling to events and flying, just not with a Gaui model. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next.”

A few weeks later he announced that he would be coming full circle and returning to Miniature Aircraft in this post

Mitch Whiplash 2
“Im proud to announce that I have officially joined Team Miniature Aircraft USA. I would like to thank Judith and Josef for giving me the opportunity to fly their products. I must say the quality of this machine is second to none. I would also like to thank Cade Ciripompa for putting me in contact with Miniature.
For those who dont know, I grew up watching Bobby Watts fly his Miniature Aircraft Stratus in the early 2000s. I must have watched his Ircha noon demo video hundreds of times. Soon after that I got my first 700 model, a MA Stratus (which I still have today). That was the model I learned most of my 3D flying on. I felt it was only fitting to come full circle and go back to where it all started. Im excited to work with MA and finally help in some of the design of future products. I will be flying their Whiplash 730E.”

Mitch’s official set up is as follows

My Whiplash setup:
Futaba USA: 18SZ CGY 760R HC700 BLS276
HRB USA: 6s 5000 Graphene
Scorpion Power System USA: Tribunus 200A /HKII-4525-520kv
VTX Designs: 717mm

Mitch Whiplash Whiplash 2
We look forward to seeing more from Mitch with his New Sponsor! We have already stated to see some pretty impressive video from him and his new Heli! Here is one example from the “Fall Heli Mow Down” in VA.

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6th Annual – Heli meeting, Alessandria, Italy

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Earlier this year in Alessandria, Italy there was the 6th Annual Heli only FunFly! This is one of the countries only Helicopter specific fun flies, certainly the largest, and it gathers heli pilots from around Italy and neighboring countries. The … Continue reading

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RC Boat World Championship 2019 Treviso – Italy – FSRE

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Lee Martin Racing blog: BRCA nationals 1/10th series.

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Pilot Profile – Sakkarin “CD” Kongthon

If you have been following competitive RC helicopters this year then you probably have heard about a pilot from Thailand with the name “CD”.  If you haven’t heard of him then I’ll tell you that he is the current World Champion of 3D RC Helicopters! Maybe you heard the name, but let me tell you a bit more information about 16 year old Sakkarin “CD” Kongthon

His Name

His actual name is Sakkarin Kongthon, But in Thai culture it is often common for them to choose a sort of “nick name” which is easier to say, and also easier for people from western countries to understand. Sakkarin’s nick Name was simply “CD” and so in the RC world he has come to be know just as “CD”. When CD was young, Commentator Nik Johnson embellished on this and gave him the nick name “Compact Dude” which he became know as since he was very young and small at the time.
As he has grown up and matured, his nick name has morphed from “compact dude” to now “Crazy Dude” due to his increased size and increased level of flying!
Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 9.53.11 AM DSC04548

His History

CD started flying when he was just 6 years old in 2009. He first started coming on to the competitive RC helicopter scene 5 years later in 2013 when he competed at 3DX China.
He continued competing in many competitions such as 3D Cup France, 3D Asia Pacific, and Global 3D.
IMG_9150 2 CD Young
Over the next few years he worked his way up from advanced class to masters and then up the rankings until in 2018 he was a fierce competitor in masters class. At the same time CD became very accomplished in drone racing as well.
CD Drone CD Awards
In 2018 at Global 3D he was leading in the contest the whole event, but in the finals it Kenny Ko barely out scored him and CD ended in 2nd. Not discouraged CD came back the next year to Global 3D and won every single round of the contest and earned the title of undisputed “World Champion”. Since Global 3D he has continued his reign by competing at Rotor Asia Masters 2019 in Chengdu China and again winning every round and holding his title.
DSC04612 DSC05019 DSC04619 DSC04646

At the moment CDs flying style, control, and innovation is a head above the rest! We look forward to seeing what more he can do!

His Sponsors

Currently CD Sponsors are

Helicopter – Mikado
Motor – Scorpion Power Systems
ESC – Scorpion Power Systems
Servos – XPERT RC
Batteries – ManiaX
Blades – VTX
Radio/ FBL system – Mikado

Also CD has a sponsorship from Singha which is a Thailand Beverage Company

His Competition Helicopter
DSC04782 DSC04639

Airframe – Mikado Logo 700
Motor – Scorpion HKII-4530-540kv
ESC – Scorpion Tribunus 300A SBEC
Radio – Mikado Vbar Control Touch
Servos – XPERT KD1 And KD1T
Blades – VTX 697
Battery – 12s 5800mah
FBL – Alu Case Vbar NEO
Headspeed – 2180RPM
Pitch – +/- 14.5 deg
IMG_7363 IMG_7364

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Rotor Asia Masters 2019 – Day 2 – Results

Today was Day 2 of the Rotor Asia Masters 2019, which is the largest RC helicopter competition in China currently. This competition has drawn about 35 competitors from countries all over the world including, USA, France, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, Taiwan, and of course China. There are 3 levels of classes. Basic, Advanced, and Master Class. In Masters class there is Peter Hsaio, Vava Sasikkana, Marik Wiehenstroth, Sakkarin Kongthon, and Myself. All of us are Team Scorpion Pilots!
DSC04902 DSC04901

Going into day 2 the Scores were as follows.


1st – Lertrat – 1000
2nd – Checky – 966.67
3rd –  Ren Rui – 931.11
4th – Toon – 897.98
5th – Pichitchai – 873.33


1st – Ryan Chiu – 1000
2nd – Heng Kichana – 988.24
3rd – YoungBin Lee – 943.1
4th – Kuno Kang – 943.14
5th – Ding Ze Has – 921.57


1st – Sakkarin Kongthon – 2000
2nd – Marik Wiehenstroth – 1945.3
3rd – Kyle Dahl – 1941.2
4th – Vava Sasikana – 1833.99
5th – Peter Hsaio – 1829.91
DSC04886 DSC04901

This day there would be 2 more rounds of freestyle for the Basic and Advanced pilots, then the Masters class flew 1 Round of Freestyle and 1 round of Music. Luckily in the morning it was a bit overcast so the weather was a bit cooler which we all enjoyed.
DSC04879 DSC04960

The competition started at 9am with the Basic Pilots and there was no dramas. Following them was the advance pilots. There were a few crashes and failures but all pilots used there yellow cards. The only drama was that Youngbin Lee from Korea who was placing very well crashed also on his Yellow Card flight. This effectively put him out of the competition since there are no drop rounds.

After this there was the Masters Freestyle flights. Peter Hsaio of Taiwan started off the round with a very good flight. Then was Sakkarin Kongthon from Thailand who was putting down an amazing flight, but then he ended up crashing from being to low about 2 minutes in. This forced him to have to use his yellow card. His Re Flight was also good, but of course lost some effect since CD could not push his model as hard anymore because he had no more yellow card. Then Marik from Germany flew his flight. Marik had used his yellow card already the day before on his freestyle following his spectacular crash. After him was Vava Sasikana from Thailand who pushed his Goblin Kraken to the limits trying to make up some points and improve his placing! His flight was spectacular! Last to go was me. I was having a very good flight but unfortunately due to the extreme heat at the event I pushed my model a bit to hard and ended up not being able to complete the flight. This forced me to use my yellow card as well. My re flight was successful though. After this round all Masters finalist were still in the running.
DSC04932 DSC04955

After this there was the final round of freestyle for the Basic and Advanced level pilots. Since this was the last round all pilots were pushing their models and their skills to the maximum! What this also meant was that there was quite a fair few of spectacular crashes!
DSC04935 DSC04939
Then there was the last music round of the Masters. Going in to this round 4 out of the 5 pilots had already used their Yellow cards so it was still anyones bet as to what could happen. Since all rounds are counted, if any pilot crashed or had a failure he would be out of the contest.

Luckily all pilots flew and finished there flights and they were some of the most spectacular I ever saw! A we find videos we will for sure post them for you!

Following this there was the Speed Cup. The speed pilots would fly 2 rounds. There was 8 pilots and they all flew both rounds. Speed flying can be very risky and often have some crazy crashes but luckily no pilots had any problems or failures!
DSC04959 DSC05048
Then there was a new special event for this competition. Danny Wang called it the “30 Seconds Challenge” What this was was the Master Level Pilots could go out and do a single maneuver for 30 Seconds and try to win over the crowd with their single most impressive move. CD started off the competition with some very low and aggressive pro tic tocs that also rotated around he vertical axis. The crowd loved this! Then Marik flew and did a very tight rolling circle maneuver which was very technical and entertaining. Then was my self who did a sort of horizantle 8 maneuver with low pull outs which the crowd seemed to love! Then Vava went doing a tumbling hurricane which was very aggressive. Lastly was Peter Hsiao who did some low pyro rainbows in a circle.
DSC04946 DSC04953

After this the crowd voted for who they wanted to win and it was a tie between Myself and CD! So Danny decided to do another round to determine the winner. CD went first with doing a very tight nose down funnel with pitch pumps. Then I went and just did a very high nose dive with rolls. After this the crowd voted again and nominated CD to be the winner! CD won a extra 1000rmb for this!

Then we went straight into the award ceremony. There was some good prize money on the line. Over 32,000 RMB up for grabs!
IMG_7324 DSC04980

Before the Award ceremony started they gave some special awards to influential people of the event. There was awards for the owner of the flying club, also Tom Khosit from Tom Motor, Anny Chen from Gaui, for supporting and bringing lots of competition pilots to the event. There was also awards for Danny Wang himself for organizing the event, and also to Jake Shen for helping Danny.

DSC04971 DSC04972 DSC04973 DSC04965

The results were as follows.

For Speed cup there was a tie for 1st between Ryan Chiu, and Peter Hsaio. They flew the same helicopter so it makes sense that they had the same speed!

For Basic.

For Advanced


For Masters

After the awards there was the infamous Victory flights for the winners of each round! The basic Pilot flew great and survived the flight. The advanced winner Heng Kitchana heli lasted about 30 seconds before doing a full speed overspeed into the ground! The CD did a amazing flight that lasted till the end of the flight then he crashed in the autorotation!
DSC05035 DSC05036 DSC05040 DSC05038 DSC05046DSC04895

After the awards there was a huge raffle which people could buy tickets to enter into. There was donations from many sponsors including Scorpion, Mikado, SAB, Gaui, etc etc

DSC04892 DSC04891
Congratulations to all pilots! And also to all Scorpion Pilots. Out of the top 5 in all classes nearly all were flying Scorpion Power Systems!

I had a great time at this event! Well done to Danny Wang for organizing such a great event! Can’t wait till next year!


Kyle Dahl

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Rotor Asia Masters 2019 – Day 1 Review and Report

Saturday the 24th marks the start of the largest RC helicopter competition in China.

Rotor Asia Masters 2019
DSC04777 DSC04763

This even which is hosted by Danny Wang is in its 3rd year and with every year it seems to get bigger and better. This year there are more international pilots, more sponsors, and more prize money! The weather is hot and humid which makes tough conditions for the pilots and models but it is nothing we can’t handle!
DSC04815 DSC04798

The amount of preparation and work put in to the event by Danny Wang is very evident as the feeling at the event is one which is very professional and official. Also the flying facility is really something impressive. It has a huge grass runway, along with a hanger to store models, restaurant, cafe, and bathroom facilities!
DSC04768 DSC04824

The competition has different levels for basic Pilots, advanced pilots, and then Masters/ International Class. There are pilots such as Marik Wiehenstroth from Germany, Sakarin Kongthon and Vava from Thailand, Peter Hsaio and Ryan Chiu from Taiwan, myself from the USA, and many others from France, Korea, Australia and more. The format will be 2 flight format, Music and Freestyle. However one interesting point was that in the freestyle, before starting the flight, all pilots had to do one set maneuver. A 4 point tick tock which they were judged on how precisely they did it, and then this would be added to your score.
IMG_7241 DSC04827 IMG_7279 IMG_7292

Today we all arrived at the field and were shocked at how many spectators there was. The event was very busy with many people eager to see the RC helicopters fly. There was an opening ceremony which also had dance performances and presentations. We all felt very welcomed at this event. Following the opening ceremonies there were some sponsor demos from Mikado, Gaui, and SAB.
IMG_7258 IMG_7259 DSC04826 IMG_7266

Then there was a lunch prepared for all pilot which was very good typical Chinese Spicy food!

After this the competition started. First to fly was the Basic Pilots who flew there freestyle round. This consisted of a lot of local pilots from China and also surrounding countries such as Thailand and Malaysia. Following them was the Advance class who also flew there freestyle flight.
DSC04795 DSC04792

After these 2 rounds then there was the Masters Class. Masters Class would fly 2 round. The first being the Freestyle, then followed by the Flight to Music.
DSC04827 DSC04800

Peter Hsaio from Team Gaui and Team Scorpion, started the round off and had a very good flight going, but unfortunately towards the end he had a Mechanical Failure which resulted in a crash. This forced him to have to re fly using his yellow card. However his yellow card flight was very good and will keep him in the competition.

Next was Sakkarin CD Kongthon from Team Mikado and Team Scorpion. CD is the current World Champion of RC Helicopters having won Global 3D earlier this year. He delivered a very high charged and aggressive, yet innovative and technical flight! One of the best I ever saw!
IMG_7287 IMG_7285

Following this was Marik Wiehenstroth of Team Mikado and Team Scorpion. Marik had a amazing flight going but unfortunately it ended abruptly about a minute in when he had his Spindle Bolt come out! Causing the blades to eject and then spectacularly free fall to the ground! This was caught on camera by Dan Smyth. Check out the link here! Marik also used his Yellow card and did a good flight so he is still in the running.
DSC04860 DSC04858

After this was Vava from Team SAB and Team Scorpion. Vava did a great flight. He is a great up and coming pilot from Thailand.

Lastly there was me who flew my Logo 700 with Scorpion Power System. I was very pleased with the flight I did and was happy that I had no issues!

Immediately after this we all put fresh batteries in and got ready for the Flight to Music round. All pilots flew clean rounds with no crashes!

(Team Scorpion )

As of the end of the event they had not posted Scores yet for the Masters Class so we will see tomorrow how the finishing is and will see how it changes in the finals!

I will report back tomorrow with more results.
Kyle Dahl

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CAUTIONS !!! Scam mail asking for payment, this is fake and not from us!!!!

To everybody please pay attention to the below emails they are not from Scorpion Power System. They may get your information when reply, don’t click any link or reply the email.

fake email for payment 01 fake email for payment 02

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1st Annual Full Pitch FunFly – Gloucester, UK – June 12-14

England has always been an important staple in the RC Helicopter scene. They were known for hosting the most prestigious RC Helicopter competition, 3D Masters, back in the 2000’s and to this day it hosts a large number of local competitions and breads many competitive pilots! Additionally many of Englands RC Helicopter events are also usually mini competitions for local pilots to compete in.
However, what England didn’t have a lot of was just “Fun Flys” with an emphasis on FUN. That is until now!

This year on July 12-14, England hosted the “Full Pitch Fun Fly” in Gloucester which was put on by Rob Bingham, and George Jones who are well known in the RC Heli scene for there helpful nitro tips, and equally their hilarious banter and good fun. Rob and George had become good friends of mine so when they invited me to come to their event I was for sure ready to go!

66808695_2105696876400601_635844632290263040_n 66867883_442411873156646_2287352148507230208_n

The event was held in a private farmers field about 10 minutes from town, which was exactly what you look for in a RC helicopter flying field, a BIG open piece of grass. Rob and George had even moved down the grass around the flight line and pilot stations. I showed up to the event on Friday morning and there were several people already there at the event with their caravans set up. I quickly got my helis out of my case and built up and ready to fly.

DSC04653 67204191_855465784835956_7270755560494989312_n

Other pro pilots in attendance were Aaron Cole, Stu Smith, and Ethan Williams who were throwing down some very entertaining flights for the attendees. The day went on and in the night the fun continued with some food and drinks in typical British fashion.


On Day 2, Saturday, which was the main day, I arrived at the field and saw that the number of attendees had ateleast doubled. There were many cars and caravans and pilots on the flight line. The weather was perfect with good sun, scattered clouds, a slight breeze but mainly, NO RAIN! Was the best weather you could ask for in England. There were 3 flight stations on the field with people lined up all day long ready to get some flights in.
DSC04663 DSC04656

One of the nicest things which Rob had organized was a huge event BBQ on Saturday night. The meat was fresh from the farmer who’s field we were on, and so the whole event was treated to fresh burgers cooked on site! The line was long cause everyone wanted some food after a long day of flying, but there was plenty to go around, and more!
67185791_2142229302753484_2025021086575362048_n DSC04669

After this there was the event Raffle which had donations from many companies! Rob had reached out to many people and had acquired a huge tail full of raffle prizes from about 18 different event sponsors. Including helicopter kits, charging cases, batteries, blades, fuel, and of course some donations from Scorpion Power System.
67200132_424513468149830_4331412249580142592_n DSC04671

As the sun went down a few bon fires got started and everyone gathered around to stay warm and watch some great night flying by Aaron Cole and a few other pilots. The night didn’t end till around 1am and by then we were all tired and ready to go to bed.

On Sunday morning it was a very relaxed atmosphere at the event. People were flying still but mostly just relaxing and enjoying the time at the event. Towards the evening people started packing up and heading out and in the night I left to catch a train back to London where I would catch my flight back home.

All in all this was a fantastic event. It was the very definition of what a “FunFly: should be. Relaxed, entertaining, good company, and good location. I certainly can’t wait to go back next year and I hope I’ll see more of you there next time!

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