Lee Martin racing blog: BRCA 2019 Round 2

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Round 2 of the BRCA nationals is complete and it was another good event! My scorpion powered Yokomo YZ-2CAL2 was again on fire on the demanding little track of Kidderminster RC. The Astro and tarmac off road track is very … Continue reading

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Tribunus 80/120 – Servo Induction Voltage, Issue / Fix

The Issue –

Since we put the Tribunus 80A and 120A on the market we have seen some people are having issues with the BEC of the ESC’s going into protection mode and shutting down. When we started hearing about this issue, we started looking for the cause of it, and we finally found the cause, and the fix for it.

The Cause –

We have found that some brand/ type of servos have a very high induction voltage. What this means is that the servos actually create voltage and it back feeds into the BEC. In some cases we found that the induction voltage from some of these servos can end up being up to 30% higher then the actual output voltage from the BEC. So if you are using the BEC on 7.1 voltage and the servo generate 30% extra voltage, it brings the voltage to 9.25 volts which can actually damage the BEC and some RX/ FBL units.
Since the BEC is then sensing voltage which is higher then what it is outputting, the BEC goes into “protection” mode in order to save itself from this high induction voltage.\

We have also found that some brand/ type of servos simply just have a VERY high amp draw when starting and stopping the movement of the servo. These high Amp peaks can also trick the ESC into thinking there is a short circuit in the system, thus causing it to go into protection as well.

Some servos have 1 of these 2, or even both, of these issues. So if you are experiencing this issue with your BEC shutting down when moving the servos rapidly, it is likely caused by your particular servo brand/ model creating voltage and inducting it back into the BEC, or your servo having a very high amp draw when starting and stopping, thus causing the BEC to have to protect itself by shutting down.

The Fix –

The solution to this servo generated induction voltage and/ or high Amp draw,  is to add a capacitor to your RX or FBL unit. This capacitor will absorb the excess voltage first before reaching the BEC and causing a issue. Additionally the Capacitor will help provide voltage during the high Amps draw peaks of the servos.


We recommend using a 1000uF – 4700uF , 10-25v Capacitor and soldering a servo lead onto it and then plugging it into your RX or FBL unit. For the servo lead, for best results we recommend using large wire (20 gauge) and having it be no longer then about 2 inches (5-6cm).
The capacitors cost only a few dollars, so it is a cheap and easy fix to implement. In addition to the capacitor, if your issue remains then we recommend also lowering the RX voltage to 5 Volts as this will lower the Amp draw of the servos as well.


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Hot Start Heli Club annual FunFly 2018

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Last year Hot Start Heli Club has a very successful event held at Washington. Thanks Robert Blyden shared us a lot of photos. Hope will see you guys again and have a great event too!!

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Charlee Phutiyotin won the TQ and first place in Infinity RC Addict club race 2019

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Congratulations to Charlee Phutiyotin won the TQ and the first place in Infinity RC Addict club race 2019 Charlee‘s car is powered by Scorpion Power System: Scorpion Vanguard S3-140 Modify Kit Set Scorpion RS-3420 4.5T 6200mAh Scorpion Power Car Pack 2s 65C 7.4V … Continue reading

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Borsodi RC Modell Fórum at Hungary 2018

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The last event of Borsodi RC Modell Fórum at Hungary last year. Look forward they have great events this year again. Photos provided by Attila Krajcz.

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Edvard Rusjan team Won the 1st place in DBF

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Congratulations to Edvard Rusjan team (Faculty of mechanical engineering, University of Ljubljana), won the first place in AAIA’s Design/Build/Fly competition in Tucson, USA. Their airplane is powered by Scorpion SII-4035-450KV motor.

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Essex Winter Series 2018~19

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ESSEX WINTER SERIES 2018-19 – REVIEW The 2018/19 Essex Winter Series was the largest yet, with around 120 entries at every one of the five championship events. In the premier Modified class, which was supported by Scorpion Power Systems, Sweden’s … Continue reading

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3rd Annual Steve Helms Memorial FunFly – 2019

Every year one of the best Spring time events is in Huntsville, Alabama. A few years ago the event was re named as the Steve Helms Memorial FunFly  after the passing of one of the hobbies great long time Icons, Steve Helms.

DSC03505 Pano

This year the event had amazing weather and a great turn out! It was about 80 degrees and no wind nearly the whole event with a pilot turn out of about 65 pilots!

Event Event 2

I went myself as a representative for Mikado USA who is also the distributor for Scorpion in North America! In addition there was Scorpion Sponsored pilots Nick Maxwell and Mitch Marozas. One of the highlights on Saturday was the Pro Autorotation contest! Nick, Mitch and myself competed in it. The final round of the contest consisted of a “new” challenge. Basically all 3 of us had to climb to about equal altitude, and then at the same time we had to hit throttle hold, and then simultaneously “race” to the bottom and the winner was who ever could land on the pad first! All 3 of us tried our best, nearly mid airing but this was what made it entertaining for the crowd! In the end I managed to win the contest but we all had a great time doing it!

DSC03528 DSC03514 Booth

Nick Maxwell entertained the crowd with his Diablo 700 with Scorpion HKII-4235-520kv motor and Tribunus 200A ESC!

Nick ScorpionDiablo Diablo 2 DIablo nick DSC03516

Mitch Marozas didn’t disappoint all weekend with his Gaui X7 HZ with Scorpion HKII – 4525-520kv and Tribunus II 200A ESC.
Here is a video from Mitch throwing down one of his flights posted on Scorpion Power System USA Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/scorpionpowerUSA/videos/402852870549744/

DSC03558 Gau X7 Mitch DSC03557

Additionally there was one of our new up and coming pilots Brendan Hire there flying his XL Power 700. Also Brendan will be competing in his first competition this year at XFC 2019! Good Luck Man!

DSC03595 DSC03597 XL Power

I was there also with my Logo 700 with Scorpion HKII-4525-520kv and Tribunus II 200A as well!


The event had a great raffle with many donations from Amain Hobbies, Minicopter, Heli Direct, Kontronik, Peak Aircraft, HeliLids RC Hobbies, Synergy, Futaba, and Mikado USA.

Raffle Raffle 2

If you’re in the South East this is defiantly one event to go to for 2020! I know I hope I can attend again next year!

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OXY 5 – Interview with Rasmus Jakobsen

OXY Helicopters has always been known for their high performance micro helis. They started many years ago with the Oxy 3, which used 250-280mm blades and was by far one of the best flying micro helis on the market. After this they released the OXY 2, followed by the OXY 4, and then the OXY 4 MAX.

At Ircha 2018 we were all surprised when Team OXY/ Team Scorpion Pilot Rasmus Jakobsen competed at the “Battle of the Brands” contest with a brand new and unexpected Heli from OXY. The new OXY 5!


We learned that the OXY 5 is a, ground up, newly designed Heli from OXY that is designed for 500 – 570mm blades. Now 8 months later after much more testing OXY has finally set a expected release date of May 15!

We caught up with Team pilot Rasmus Jakobsen and asked him a few questions about the OXY 5, and his involvement in the testing of this new Heli.

Rasmus says

“The OXY 5 has been in the making since 2017, when the first CAD drawing started. I was lucky enough to be in Asia for THB in March 2018, so I went straight to Vietnam to do the first flight ever with our concept machine at the time.

The idea at that time was to make a helicopter so universal that it be nice to fly it as a light 500mm heli and the most crazy overpowered 570mm at the same time – without compromising anything, which challenges the mechanic a lot. One of the most important parts is the tail and that has also been one of the biggest challenges, when the machine is so compliant. That is also why it’s been completely redesigned.
So we went straight to the point, test flying day and night for 2.5 week. We wanted to go to the limit of the concepts machine to gain as much knowledge as we could about the heli Luca had designed and produced. All this, and thousands of engineering hours, lead to the #2 machine, which we called the 1st prototype of the OXY 5 which is a 570mm Helicopter. That was the one I brought to IRCHA to do the Battle of the Brands with.
And now we are here today, weeks before the release of such an incredible malleable machine that can do 500 mm, 520 mm 550 mm and 570 mm blades, has the capability to accept Mini and Standard servo, and do anything from 6s to the most crazy 12s setup and insane amount of RPM. “

o5 TailO5 Head

Currently Rasmus is using a 12s power system which utilizes a Scorpion HKIV-4025-520kv motor, and Tribunus 130A ESC. We asked Rasums what he thought about this power system and also asked him what his experience is with 6s power systems since this is also a popular battery size for this model. He said,

“At the moment I’m running a 12s setup, the Scorpion HKIII-4025-520KV and the Scorpion Tribunus 12-130A, because I wanted to all the tests with the most brutal setup I could get within standard options.
I have been testing out 6s as well, to make a perfect light setup which gave me the opportunity to fly with a single 6s pack at the same time. This lead to a super light heli, cheaper and easy to fly back to back. During high head speed and Hard 3D, the only downside of running a 6s pack is that it can be pretty hard for the batteries. The perfect light weight 6s setup is the Scorpion HKIV-4025-1100KV and the Scorpion Tribunus II 06-120A.”

O5 Frame

OXY has developed a huge interest in the market with this Heli, and I am sure they are proud that it will be available soon. If you are planning to get yourself a OXY 5, make sure you consider getting a Scorpion Power System for it! Either a HKIV-4025-520kv and Tribunus 130A on 12s, or a HKIV 4025-1100kv and Tribunus II 120A on 6s.

Congradulations to OXY and thanks to Rasmus for your time!

OXY 5 – 570mm Blades

Suggested RPM: 1600-2600 RPM

Standard gear ratio: 8.46

Weight: TBA (Waiting for canopy)

Release: 15. May

6s Battery: 3600-5200mAh

12s Battery 2200-3700mAh

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SAB Kraken – First Opinions by Kevin St-Cyr

Around this time last year Goblin unveiled a brand new concept model in Italy at Goblin Day 2018. The model was called the “Kraken” and it was advertised as a brand new 700 Heli design from SAB. After the release we heard very little about this helicopter until the middle of February this year when SAB announced they would show it at the Rotor Live show in Germany. It was one of the highlights of the new show garnering a lot of attention.

IMG_4915photos by Romeo Oscar

Since the show a select few of SAB team pilots have managed to get there hands on them and started getting some real world testing.  One of the SAB pilots to receive them was Kevin St.Cyr (Canada) who is also a Team Scorpion Pilot.

Kevin Krakenphotos by Romeo Oscar

We asked Kevin what he thought about the new model and he said,

“I think the best improvement of this new model is the enclose transmission because it is very compact and it is supposed to be indestructible. And than the maintenance is much easier to do on this new model. In regard to the tail is 22% lighter then the old tail system of a goblin 700. The other things I really like about it is the placement of the electronics because the CG is higher and all the wiring is very simple to do! I like the looks of it because it is very narrow compared to the others Goblin!”

Kevin Kraken 2photos by Romeo Oscar

Kevin is using a Scorpion HKII-4525-520kv motor and Tribunus II 200A ESC which is a long standing and proven power system. We asked if he still thought this was the best power system for this model or if perhaps a HKII-4530-500kv might be better and he said,

“I never tried the 4530, I always used 4525-520KV and it has an absolutely great power! In the Kraken I have the same exact setup as my old Thunder 700, but the Kraken feels more powerful and a little more precise in flight probably due to the higher CG.”

IMG_4917photos by Romeo Oscar

SAB advertise that the first batch of kits will be shipping around May 2nd, 2019. So if you’re planning to get one then make sure you consider equipping it with A Scorpion Motor and ESC! 

Thank you to Kevin for giving us your time, and we hope you enjoy your new Heli and thank you for flying Scorpion Power Systems!

IMG_4921 IMG_4920 IMG_4919 IMG_4918 IMG_4910photos by Romeo Oscar

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