South West Heli Rodeo 2019 – Pics and Videos

November 8 – 10 was the legendary South West Heli Rodeo event in Queens Creek, AZ. This event has been going on for many many years, and has quite the reputation for having good weather towards the end of the season, and CRAZY flying from top pilots!

When I arrived at the event I was shocked at how many RV’s and campers were already on site! Nearly the entire length of the flight line was packed with them, and overall the counted 55 registered pilots!

This year the event was heavily sponsored from companies such as, Scorpion, Mikado USA, Xpert Servos, BK Hobbies, HRB Battery, Only Fine Helis, Amain hobbies, Futaba, and Hobby Wing. Some of the grand prizes included a Vbar Neo from Mikado USA, along with a Full set of KD1 Servos from Xpert Servos!
DSC05699 DSC05708 DSC05704
Also this event drew some pretty great professional pilots such as Scorpion Pilots, Mitch Marozas, Donnie Petche, and Myself. In addition there was Ben Storick who were there to put on a show for attendees and spectators alike!

DSC05715 DSC05733

One of the best moments from this event was the “Sunset Smack” session which we had on Saturday Afternoon just before dark. All of us Pro pilots took our equipment and headed to the flight line and threw down back to back flights trying to entertain the crowd, but more importantly one up each other. Check out some videos here!

Kyle Dahl – Logo 700 – Crazy Overspeeds

Mitch Marozas – Whiplash 730E – Full Pitch!!! 

As the sun set, then the flood lights came on, and the night flying began! One great idea from this event is how they encourage not only pros, but attendees alike to do night flying. The rule was for every flight that you did under the lights, you got a raffle ticket which entered you into a drawing for an additional prize! So needless to say, the night flying pilot
station was constantly packed as the night went on!

DSC05744 DSC05739

Kyle Dahl Night Flight – Glogo 690
IMG_9346 2

Donnie Petche Night Flight – Synergy E7
Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 7.19.04 PM

All In all this event was a huge success in my books. The weather was absolutely stunning, day and night, the flying was off the hook, and also I enjoyed just hanging with my friends, and also helping out some fellow modelers with build and setup questions, which is what this hobby is really about!

I hope to see you all there at the 2020 SWHR event again next year!

Kyle Dahl

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AMA Expo West 2019 – Full Report!

This last weekend was the 2019 AMA EXPO West show. This is one of, if not the largest trade show for the RC Hobby Industry in the USA. There is manufactures representing RC Airplanes, Helicopters, Drones, Cars, Gliders, and even Free Flight. Not only was there manufactures of models, but also all the individual components needed to complete models, such as tools, engines, radios, servos, hardware, ground equipment etc. In addition to the trade show there is also, indoor and outdoor flying/ exhibition areas for manufactures to demo/ promote their product.

Our North American Distributor, Mikado USA, was in attendance of this event and also was one of the main sponsors of the event. Scorpion was the “Golf Cart” sponsor. Golf carts were used to help shuttle people around from the expo hall, to the outdoor flying areas.

  IMG_9261 IMG_9214 2

Mikado USA also had a large booth displaying some of our most popular motor options for Airplane, Helicopter, Car, ESC’s, tools and accessories.
DSC05661 DSC05662 DSC05659 DSC05656

There was 2 indoor flying arenas, one for drones, and one for RC Flight, as well as a indoor RC Car track. The indoor flying arena was of course designed for indoor foamy models, and small helicopters, but that didn’t stop Scorpion pilot Santiago Perez from flying his Electric 35% Giant Scale Extra 300 104” inside! Check out the video of this stunt!

DSC05686 DSC05691
This was a huge hit and entertained many spectators who couldn’t believe their eyes or ears as a 28″ prop noise filled the entire expo hall!

Outside there was also 2 flying areas, one for Airplanes and Helicopters, and one which was for FPV racing. Of course there was a outdoor car racing area which had a dirt track, and a carpet track.

The event featured very good noon demos from many of the worlds top professional pilots. With the fairly large outdoor flying arena pilots could fly even giant scale airplanes, and helicopters. One of the most popular demos was the Helicopter/ Airplane Tandem Demo from Team Scorpions Kyle Dahl and Santiago Perez.
DSC05674 DSC05679

Check out the video on Scorpion Power System USA Facebook page here! 

Also Kyle Dahl was demoing his Electric powered H9 Viking 89” Biplane. A huge hit as well as most people had not seen a electric biplane of this size flying before.


Also this event served as a great way to introduce attendees to our hobby. Spectators can watch professional flying, and also learn about our hobby by attending seminars and talking to manufactures and pilots alike. One great activity which happen was a demo sponsored by NASA and Scaled Composites. They organized an event sort of like “musical chairs” where several pilots took off with a Horizon trainer airplane, and then when the music stopped all pilots had to race to the ground. Then who ever was last to the ground was “out”. Then they had previously asked about 10 young children to volunteer and help collect the airplanes which were “out”. At the end it was down to 2 pilots and one winner which was very interesting to watch, BUT, the nice part was that the children which volunteered all got to take home the Airplane AND Radio which they had collected during the event! A great way to introduce new people to our hobby for sure!

All and all our Scorpion Representative Kyle Dahl reported that

“The event was a large success and very good representation for our hobby! Also, our booth was constantly packed with people asking about Scorpion Power Systems! Mikado USA was proud to sponsor such an event and we look forward to sponsoring more events of this kind and supporting and growing our hobby!”

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New Product!! Mikado Logo 800 – Overview by Kyle Dahl

In 2011 Mikado Model Helicopters shocked the RC Helicopter world by coming out with one of the biggest and craziest helicopters of the time. The Logo XXtreme. At this time, large electric helicopters were still relatively new, and most helicopter companies were just starting to come out with 700 size electric models. However Mikado decided to jump one step ahead of everyone and push the limits by making one of the first Hardcore 3D 800 size models!

kyle logo xx Logo xxtreme

The Logo XXtreme was massive in size and presence and unlike anything anyone had seen before. It weighed 14.75lbs with huge carbon and metal frames, and swung EDGE 813 blades at 1800 rpm and drained a 14s 5000mah battery in 3 minutes flat with its huge Scorpion HK5035-380kv motor.
In 2011 I competed with this model on my competition circuit. It wasn’t easy but I still held my own at XFC and 3DM getting 3rd and 2nd place, and finally everything came together at the 2011 Ircha ONE competition where I flew the heli and won 1st place!
Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 9.45.56 PM
Then in 2012 Mikado took a step backwards and came out with the Logo 700XX which was using some similar components from the 800 XX just scaled down slightly. From this point on 700 size models became the standard choice for large electric helicopters, and Mikado had the 700xx till 2015.

Then in 2016 they debuted the new “Logo 700” which went back to Mikado’s roots of Molded Plastic Injection Side frames and components. The Logo 700 was a massive success and has been used by many Mikado Pilots to win World Championships time and time again all over the world (all of them using Scorpion Motor as well!)

Now Mikado has decided to go full circle and revisit the 800 market using the plastic Logo 700 as the base model this time. Check out a brief overview and some flight footage of the model here!

Kyle Dahl Introduces the New Logo 800!! 

Kyle 800

The design changes are as follows.

  • New plastic lower frame section which allow for bigger batteries and a larger canopy.
  • 30mm boom diameter boom, rather then the old 25mm boom, which is long enough to swing 810mm blades with 130mm tail blades for low rpm flying
  • Metal tail case to fit the new 30mm boom
  • New Canopy and landing gear bows which are much larger to fit the aesthetics of a 800 size model giving it a great presence in the air

800 Frames

This helicopter is MUCH lighter then the previous Logo XXtreme weighing in at a feather lite 6kg (13.2lbs) with 14s power system. Despite its large size it is still very nimble and quick in the air. But, lower the RPM some and it’s docile and smooth and perfect for large air/ sport flying. Really a perfect helicopter for any type of pilot.

I was so impressed with this heli when I started testing it. It was like nothing I had flown before. It had the presence and sound which the Old Logo XXtreme had, but didn’t lack hardly any of the agility of a competition spec 700 size model. I’ve tested from 1000-1900rpm and the model operates perfectly and smoothly at all RPMs! With flight times in the 3:45 to up to 14 mins depending on flying style and rpm!
Logo 800 Flying

We are still determining which KV and gear ratio is optimal, but our Scorpion motor and Tribunus 200A ESC come down cool even after the hardest of flights!

Logo 800 w: canopy 5 Kyle Radio Logo 800

Mikado has said that they are just waiting on a few more production pieces to get finished, but they hope to start shipping at the beginning of December of 2019! Stay tuned for more information!

Kyle Dahl

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Lee Martin Racing Blog: TORCH winter series

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Who needs trophies when you get sweets? Great day racing down at the TORCH winter series and we had a fantastic day as a team, getting 6 #yokomo #YZ2cal3 into the top 10 and 4 into the top 5!!! This … Continue reading

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Fai Ho at Xpress Race Cup 2019

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Congratulations to Fai Ho won the TQ and A1 at 2019 Xpress race cup FWD (Front wheel drive )class. Fai Ho‘s car is powered by: Scorpion S3-140A ESC RS-3420 13.5 T MOTOR

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Othello FunFly 2019

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In Washington Kennewick, there was an event name Othello Funfly this year. Hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks Bill Pierce for the photos share.  

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Hiroki Ito, the winner of FAI/F3C Japan Championship 2019

The FAI/F3C World Champion 2019 Hiroki Ito, he just won the first place of F3C Japan Championship 2019 and will represent Japan in the 2020 FAI/F3C World Champion again.

Congratulations to Hiroki Ito.

Hiroki Ito’s F3C helicopter is powered by Scorpion HKIV-4035-520kv.

71091374_714734539023476_5662718409008218112_n 72168764_714734572356806_3543698544365928448_n 72721870_714734622356801_6706274541426966528_n

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New Product Option! – 12s for 35cc Gas Equivalent airframes – SII-5525-170kv Motor

One of the most popular R/C airplane sizes for electric use is for Aerobatic Airplanes in the 73-78” range. These airplanes typically use a 30-40cc gas engine and are loved by people because they are a perfect size. The aircraft size is large enough to have a fantastic presence in the air, yet is not so big that it becomes inconvenient to transport to and from your airfield. There are models in this size from companies such as Extreme Flight, 3DHS, Skywing, Pilot RC, AJ Aircraft and many more.

As electric airplanes became more and more popular Scorpion made sure that they had a motor which worked in this size category. They developed and produced the SII-5525-210 kv motor which was designed to work on 10s battery system as that was a popular battery size at the time. This power system worked VERY well and is still a good, and available option today. However as time goes on new trends emerge.

As time has gone on smaller 12s power systems have become more and more popular because people use low mah 6s packs in smaller aircraft, and then can double them in series to make 12s packs as well.

So with this new trend, Scorpion has updated their product list to now allow a 12s power system option for this 30-40cc aircraft range! So let us introduce the

SII-5525-170kv Motor for 12s 35cc applications!


With a 20x10E or 21x8E propeller this is a VERY strong power system! As seen here in a promo video by Team Pilot Kyle Dahl.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 10.12.30 PM

Also this power system is very convenient because 60” aerobatic airplanes (which use a SII-4020-540kv motor) typically use a 6s 3500-4000mah battery. Now with this SII-5525-170kv motor, it works perfectly with 73-78” aerobatic airframes and is designed to run on 12s 3500-4000mah batteries! So if you want 2 size of airplanes which have a common battery size, this is a great option for you.

So next time you are searching for a power system for your 30-40cc size airplane, make sure you consider Scorpion Power System!

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Helitreffen Wolfhagen 2019 – A Wonderful Event!!

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This year at the end of August was the 6th annual Helicopter fun fly in Wolfhagen, Germany. It was sunny and the flightline was packed this year! Check out what Carsten Schier had to say about this years event! “The … Continue reading

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A thank you from Avion Cargo Polytechnique Montréal!

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While Scorpion Power Systems primarily focuses on the R/C Hobby Market, they are actually quite known in the Industrial world as well! Scorpion Motors and ESC’s are used on a wide range of industrial drones, airplanes, and helicopters due to … Continue reading

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