Your Quality Brushless Power System Provider

In 1987 the Scorpion Power System Ltd was founded by Georges, an avid RC enthusiast, for the purpose of manufacturing the highest quality glow plugs available for both sport and competition flying. These original Scorpion products received wide acclaim throughout Europe and Asia during the late 80's, and were frequently found in the winners circles of national competitions. Over the years, the Scorpion Company grew and diversified, moving into other areas of manufacturing, but through these changes, Georges maintained his love for the RC hobby, and continued flying and competing.

As the RC hobby evolved and electric power systems became more popular, Georges became interested in electric flight and competed in electric pattern and pylon racing events. Unfortunately, the electric power systems that were commercially available at that time could not hold up the stress of competition, and many flights ended with a trail of smoke coming from the motor, speed controller, and occasionally both. After searching for several years to find a power system that could withstand the rigors of serious competition, Georges realized that there were not that many, and saw this as an opportunity to provide a quality product for electric flyers. To this end, George set aside a portion of his manufacturing facility, hired a team of design engineers, and set forth the following challenge: "Design me a motor and speed controller that I cannot burn up. Find the best materials that are available, and use them to make a motor that can take the heat of competition."

After several years of development and testing, the end result is the Scorpion Brushless Motors and Speed Controllers that we now offer to modelers worldwide. These products can take the heat of competition and come back for more. Our Motors and Speed Controllers are not limited to competition use, and perform exceptionally well in all types of electric RC models.

In the fall of 2006, Scorpion Products were introduced to the modeling public through a series of Beta test programs, and this feedback further refined the product to the finished form that is presented here in this catalog. The first Scorpion products were made available in January of 2007, and they have rapidly become the favorite motors and speed controllers for modelers all over the world.

Pictured above is our new, state of the art, 377,000 square foot manufacturing facility and engineering center, where Scorpion Motors and Speed Controllers are designed and made. This facility employs a staff of over 1000 workers and engineers, and is ISO 9001 certified. Our factory is also committed to maintaining ROHS (Reduction Of Hazardous Substances) compliance on all of our production lines. We still have a diverse product line in other areas of manufacturing, but RC products are what we really love. We have a long term plan to produce the largest selection of brushless motors, speed controllers and accessory products available anywhere, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

We are so committed of the quality of our brushless motors and speed controllers that we back them with a full 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. We know that you have a choice when it comes to purchasing an electric power system for your next model, and we are certain that when you consider the Quality, Performance and Value that our motors and speed controllers offer, the choice is obvious: Scorpion.