Brushless Speed Controllers


After Years of research and real world testing we are proud to present to you our new line of Scorpion ESC's! Scorpion ESC’s with their very dense power to size/ weight ratio and advanced safety features dawn a new era of Brushless Speed Controllers.

We incorporated the latest and greatest MosFET and PCB technology to give the most power capability, for the least size/weight compared to other ESC’s on the market. Also our ESC’s use a very powerful 32bit processor which allowed us to make the ESC very smart. It can give full Telemetry data and has many safety features to protect itself even in the harshest of situations! Also with Scorpions unique Auto Frequency adjustment, it provides the smoothest and most efficient drive to your motor. All components of the ESC are rated up to 120deg C which will ensure that your ESC’s keeps performing reliably in any situation. Want to step up to another level of ESC technology, power, and reliability? Then get yourself a Scorpion ESC!

Scorpion Speed Controller parameters are clearly labeled on the ESC assembly. Voltage range, current rating, BEC rating, Ni-XX and Li-Po cell count and input polarity are all clearly marked to avoid any confusion. Scorpion Speed Controllers are also backed by a 1 year manufacturers warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, for complete details, please see our Product Warranty Page. For a total package of Quality, Performance and Value, use Scorpion Brushless Speed Controllers.




Tribunus Series / 6 - Step ESC

The Scorpion Tribunus Series of ESC are our premium Electronic Speed Controllers for driving Brushless Motors, with built in high strength HV BEC. 

These ESC use our proprietary 6-step motor control algorithm which has features such as Dynamic Timing, and Dynamic Frequency adjustment, ensuring they can operate any motor without user adjustment of settings. Further with our proprietary ultra fast switching technique we can drive even high pole count motor at high rpm with up to 240,000+ electrical RPM with ease.  

These ESC come with a wide variety of user adjustable protections such as Over Current, Over Temperature, Under Votlage, Capacity Cut Off, Phase Current, and De-Magnatization. Further they offer full telemtry read out via our UNSC protocol or other select protocols such as VBAR, Futaba, and Jeti, and data logging options.  


Tribunus Series Voltage Range (V) Current (A)
(Continuous / Peak)
Weight (g) Size (mm) BEC Voltage (V) BEC Output
(Continuous / Peak)
III 06-110A 11 - 26.1 110A / 150A 105 52.2 x 32 x 23.1 5.1 - 12.1 10A / 20A
III 06-160A 11 - 26.1 160A / 200A 155 75.3 x 36.8 x 27.5 5.1 - 12.1 15A / 30A
II 12-80A 14.8 - 52.2 80A / 120A 144 76.7 x 36.5 x 25.4 5.1 - 8.1 10A / 30A
II 12-130A 14.8 - 52.2 130A / 180A 198 75.3 x 44.3 x 26.3 5.1 - 8.1 10A / 30A
II+ 14-200A 14.8 - 61 200A / 250A 224 86.7 x 45.0 x 27.6 5.1 - 8.1 10A / 30A
II 14-300A 14.8 - 70 300A / 400A 244 90.7 x 50.0 x 31.9 5.1 - 8.1 10A / 30A