Tribunus II ESC specific initialization sequence.

Dear Scorpion Tribunus customers,

When using the new tribunus II ESCs (06-120, 12-80, 12-130) , it has come to our attention that there is a specific initialization sequence which may need to be followed depending on your model setup.

We have noted that if you are using a backup guard system which outputs 5.5volts and you power on the backup guard prior to the ESC, or power on the backup guard directly after plugging in the ESC. The fact that the ESC sees 5.x volts prior to being fully initialized will lock the ESC to this BEC voltage.

Regardless of if you have a higher BEC voltage in your setup.

The solution to prevent this is very simple.

You must simply plug the ESC first and wait a few seconds for the ESC to fully initialize before powering on your backup guard. It is already the standard procedure to power on the ESC prior to the backup guard to insure your ESC/BEC is functioning properly. Just note that you need to let the ESC initialize which take a few seconds before powering on the backup guard.

At this time we are looking for the root cause of this to see if it’s a software or hardware which causes this situation. But until then, please note this simple solution and note that there is not fault or risk to your model. Simply this startup procedure must be followed to insure proper function.

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