Global 3D – Day #1 – RESULTS

After 2 years away, the worlds most prestigious RC Helicopter Competition is BACK! Global 3D 2022!

IMG_6565photo credit Doris Zhang

Day 1 was met with near perfect weather and was full of great competition flights. As always, on the first day of the competition it is the “Set Maneuvers Day”

Each pilot chooses in advance his  set maneuvers which range in difficulty and “K factor”. The harder the move, the higher the K factor multiplier which means the more points you get.

While not as entertaining as the music and freestyle flights, this is one of the most integral part of competition flying, which really separates a good pilot, from a “World Champion” pilot. The ability to do ultra complex maneuvers under a microscope with a panel of judges looking for any fault, dissymmetry, height change, or change of speed. A true test of skill.

IMG_6567Above is an example of one of the new set maneuvers for 2022. Rolling Rainbow Crown

To see a full list of the maneuvers click here 


Scorpion Power System is proud to sponsor the video coverage of this event! Pascal Richter is on site filming every flight! So you will be able to see all the action!

Also if you are planning to attend the event, be sure to stop by our German Distributor World of Heli who is helping us to man our Scorpion booth this year, as we are unable to attend in person due to travel restrictions.  They are showcasing some of our new products such as the HKII-4225-550kv motor!



Both classes flew today with 10 pilots in the Masters Class, and 21 pilots in the Advance Class. The results of the days competition are below!




Congratulations to all pilots and especially our Scorpion Team Pilots! Way to go Sakarin Kongthon (2nd), Vava Boonmala (4th), Marik Wiehenstroth (5th), Nick Maxwell (6th) and Mariano Suarez (7th) for  your current placing in Masters Class



Congratulations to Scorpion team pilots Calum Henson (2nd), Lukas Vacek (3rd), Wessel Haast (4th) in the Advance Class.


Best of luck to all pilots in the coming days!,


Team Scorpion






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