Electric skateboard, Nextboard, reaches record-breaking speeds

Daredevil, Mischo Erban, raced into the Guinness World Records book with the fastest speed on an electric skateboard.

The Canadian-born racer hit speeds of 95.83 kph (59.55 mph) on a modified longboard at Portorož airport in Piran, Slovenia.
Powered by Scorpion Power System.

Slovenian tech startup Next Generation Vehicles (NGV) has been developing the four-wheel-drive motorized longboard, Nextboard, for the last two years. The vehicle is powered by four Scorpion motors, one on each wheel, and two Tattu 6S batteries in series.
According to NGV’s website, “The motors are installed into our custom-made wheels with a diameter of 76 mm or 85 mm and a contact patch of 65 mm. They are controlled by BLDC motor controllers with our own developed software which enables very exact control of the motor in every mode of operation.”
Tone Gorup, chief engineer and designer of the Nextboard, was inspired to create the after finding a huge 6 kg computer hard drive from the early 90s with a motor inside that he knew would be able to power a longboard.
“Our vision exceeds the usual use of electric skateboards and we want to see it being used for competitions in all kinds of skateboarding disciplines, such as downhill racing, slalom, freestyle and similar…With 4WD and programmed limited slip diff our board is extremely stable at high speeds,” the company boasts, making this device a perfect candidate for Erban to attempt breaking the world record with.
The record was attempted on a completely flat surface, with the speed measured over 100 meter distance. This was not the first time that Erban attempted such a feat. In 2012, he set the world record for fasted skateboard speed downhill (standing) after reaching speeds of 129.94 kph (80.74 mph) at Les Éboulements, Quebec, Canada.
“I am attracted by speed — and have learned to master the danger. So it was natural to team with Nextboards for another Guinness World Records title,” says Erban.

This is an amazing achieve from both an engineering perspective as well as in the field of extreme sports, adds Guinness World Records Editor-In-chief Craig Glenday.

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6 Responses to Electric skateboard, Nextboard, reaches record-breaking speeds

  1. Karl says:

    What model motor do they use?

  2. admin says:

    It is a custom made motor for this project.

  3. FCWC says:

    Normally I perceive electric skateboards as a oxymoron. This particular unit intrigues me. It is the first I have seen that goes faster than I do pushing on flat ground. Most go slower than I can pump even.

    So this bring the question IF this will ever be a sold unit?
    If so expected cost?
    Battery charge life? Time/Distance

  4. Very good post about Electric Skateboard ! We are linking to this particularly great post on our site.

  5. Georges van Gansen says:

    It’s a custom made 4035 size motor with a KV of 180

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