The Return of the Tribunus 06-80A – New and Improved!

The Tribunus 06-80A originally came out in 2018 and it was one of the smallest, and most compact 6 cell, 80amp ESC’s on the market. This ESC was great for many small 380-420 size helis, and 50-60″ aerobatic airplanes.

Scorpion Tribunus 06-80A ESC Flyer V02

However, some people reported that they did not have good experiences with this ESC because they had issues with the BEC.

After much research, Scorpion found that this was due to a factor which they did not anticipate. Some HV servos on the market, produced MASSIVE amounts of Back Voltage while operating (over 10 volts!), and this would set off the protection limits of the 06-80A BEC. This issue could be helped by adding capacitors in line to the BEC, however there was never an elegant solution for this ESC when being used with such servos that produced so much back voltage.


Scorpion Tribunus 06-80A ESC_AScorpion Tribunus 06-80A ESC_BDue to the challenges presented with these difficult servos, Scorpion stopped production of the 06-80A ESC and it has been off the market for more than a year now.

***HOWEVER, we are pleased to announce the Return of the New and Improved Tribunus 06-80 ESC!! ***

Tribunus 06-80A Future Ad long

This ESC is now on the market again, only now Scorpion has super charged the BEC! The ESC has the same small and compact footprint, and power capabilities. The only difference now is that Scorpion has changed the BEC to one which can work better with the current servos on the market! This change unlocks many more applications for this ESC as it can handle a much wider spectrum of mini / micro servos now. We have been testing this ESC with many different kind of servos including some specific full size servos, and so far we did not find one which this BEC can not handle!

So make sure to consider the Scorpion Tribunus 06-80 for your next 380-520 size heli, or 50-60″ Aerobatic Airplane which uses Micro or Mini Servos!

Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 10.28.58 AM
Santiago Perez with his 64″ MXS with Scorpion SII-4020-540kv and Tribunus 06-80A ESC

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