A Race Chronicle from my friend Carlos Barros!

The week before last weekend was the first round of the Levante Challenge 2017 at the Balsicas track, where I signed for the modified touring car class.

Two weeks before the race I went to the track for practice and see how the control tire work on the track surface.

On Saturday, I found the track with more grip than two weeks ago, so I needed to make some overall setup changes and adjust more the driving.
In the afternoon we made relocation heats and one qualifying heat out of four heats. Finishing the relocation heats in third place and making the second place on the first qualifying heat.

On Sunday, we made three qualifying heats and the triple finals.
The qualifying heats in the morning were very challenging as the track conditions changed in each heat, so I opted to not making any setup changes and just adapt the driving to the conditions. When the qualifying heats finished I got second place on the A-main finals.
For the finals, the staring was a little bit chaotic, as the track is small and narrow making more difficult pass or avoid hits. On the first final, I had luck and could avoid some chaos on the starting line, finishing second. On the second final, I had an incident and let the other driver pass, dropping to third place and after some laps I recover and finished first. For the third and last final, the race have to be decided between 3 drivers. The last final started very clean and I’ve made two mistakes going very near to the driver in front costing me the opportunity to fight for and finishing second.

There was a tiebreaker, I’ve made the best final time, so I won the race!

I want to thank you very much to all my sponsors and people who supports me, all of you are essential for me, without you this would’t be possible!

After lots of test and practice, everything went well.

I’m very happy with all the equipment and for sure I’ll be testing more to improve!

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