Polkrit Ham Hongsakul

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Participation Event or Competition with rewards:

**Rear Wheel Drive** - Champion RWD Class in TDC International 2013
Champion RWD D1GP Class in TDC International 2015
Champion RWD Open Class in TDC International 2015
Champion RWD Super Expert Class in Ladder to TDC 2015 (Malaysia)
**Countersteer** - Champion Overall in CS class & CS Open Class in RCT 2013
Champion of King of Thailand CS Class in TDC 2013

Favourite Track : RC City

Others Sponsor - Chassis : 3Racing D4 Factory Driver - Option Part : Oxygen
Rims : Speedline
Tire Remover & Setup Board : M.E.D.T.
Gyro for RWD : PowerStar by Turbo Hobby
Custom Parts : Quantum
Megazine : RC Core
Oil Shock : Jumper RC Shop
ETC..Support : True Visions

Special Thanks - Mr.Tee Suttiprawat from Scorpion Thailand ( Hobby Society ) to push me to Scorpion Team and give me a big chance in my life to play with Scorpion Team , also Mr.Golf & Mr.Af from Hobby Society