Marik Wiehenstroth

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I´m Marik Wiehenstroth and I live in Guetersloh-Germany.


I started flying RC helicopters in 2012.

My first competition was Heli Masters in 2014.
I joined the Mikado Model helicopters Team in 2014 and Team Scorpion Power Systems in 2015, since then I´m travelling arond the world together with my brother Alex having a lot of fun represent Scorpion on many events.

I have been using Scorpion Motors since I started flying and I am impressed of their reliability and power in flight.

Scorpion is bringing today´s Speed Controllers to a new level with their new Tribunus ESC´s, especially in combination with Mikado´s VBar Control radio and telemetry system.

A Power System from Scorpion is bringing the required power to my helicopter, which is really important in every section of the flight especially for competitions.



My helicopter setups:


Logo 700: HKII-4530-540KV and Tribunus 14S-200A SBEC ESC

Logo 600SX: HK-4225-610KV and Tribunus 12S-130A SBEC ESC

Logo 550: HKII-4025-1100KV and Tribunus 6S-120A SBEC ESC

Logo 480: HKII-4015-1070KV and Tribunus 6S-120A SBEC ESC

Participated events:

IRCHA Jamboree 2015, 2016, 2017

Global 3D Venlo
3D Masters/HeliMasters Venlo

HeliMasters Noerdlingen

3D Cup France
Alpine Heli Smackdown Switzerland
HeliChallenge Switzerland
RotorLive Germany

Habo HeliMeeting Sweden

HeliDays Myto Czech Republic

3DX Asia pacific 2016 China

many local FunFly´s in and around Germany


All pilots are working together with Scorpion to test and develop new product lines to reach the highest level of Power Systems in the RC business, I´m proud of being a part of the Scorpion family!