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Hi there,

I’m Stanley Spichtinger from Germany and a passioned speed pilot for hobby. I'm 16 today and I'm attending a grammar school in my hometown in east Germany.

I started flying when I was about 10 years old. All that began with small styro models which you only have to unbox and throw to fly. I improved my skills and so my interest to the model planes grew. My first speed model was the hotliner 'Mini-Hawk' from the German manufacturer Staufenbiel. With 5 Lipo cells it was fast enough for me for a short time. But only for a short time.

But you discover the widths of this community from time to time and so I saw what is even possible with the right model and the right actuation. So I also wanted a real speed model. The really first speed model was the Chimera from Dr. Marcus Koch, with it I got my first beyond 400 speeds in 2014. In the early 2015 the Chimera crashed, but after a short time I got my new model for the German competition 2015. It was the Typhoon XXS from Dr. Marcus Koch.

I reached place 8 with a speed of 441 km/h in the 2015 German Championship.

I didn’t feel happy about my result, so I attacked in 2016 again. 2016, my year of success:


1st place at the Speedcup in Bad Wünnenberg with 457 km/h

(Typhoon XXS with an HK 4235, 12s and a 11 x 25 propeller)

1st place at the competition of Pasewalk with 407 km/h

(Typhoon XXS with an HK 4225, 11s and a 11 x 20 propeller)

2nd place at the German Championship (limited battery weight) in Bad Wünnenberg with 431 km/h

Crocoblade with HK 4540, 12s and a 11,2 x 29, 3 Blade

And 3rd place at the Powercroco Speedchallenge in Ballenstedt with 497 km/h in the middle, but I

reached from one direction a speed of 536 km/h.

Crocoblade with HK 4540, 16s and a 11,2 x 29, 3 Blade

I hope I will be at least as successful as in 2016 following years.

At the Powercroco Speedchallenge I met Georges Van Gansen so I asked him to enter the Team. And 

I was allowed to do, thanks a lot.

Favorit motors:

Scorpion HKII-4225-620 kv

Scorpion HKII-4235-510kv

Scorpion HK-4540-317-kv