Christopher Sexton

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I got into the RC hobby in 2010.  My first real helicopter was an Align T-Rex 450 Pro TT Flybar in the spring of 2010.  When I purchased my kit from a local hobby store, I was warned that buying in “kit” form was way harder and I should just get a blade RTF model.  Well I loved the idea of building and learning from the ground up!  Didn’t take me long to know this was the hobby for me.  With my IT background, the technical parts came somewhat easy. But the best part of the hobby was the challenge of learning new things!

I was first introduced to Scorpion Power System when I met Georges at IRCHA in 2011.  I was hooked. Any company with an owner that was that passionate and had such a desire to grow and educate, deserved my attention.  I purchased my first Scorpion motor at that IRCHA.  Scorpion motors have been in all of my electrics ever since.

In the summer of 2012, I was asked to join Team Synergy, and I have been working closely with Matt and Amy Botos since.  For me there is no second choice. I have ran everything from a 2225 in my 450, up through custom wound 4535s in my speed machines. Scorpion has always been rock solid and never failed me.

Today I work very closely with Matt and Rob helping develop and test new models as well as lead their customer service efforts.  I consider myself well versed in the hobby. In the last 8 years I have made it my mission to try everything, learn as much as I can, and always support the products that have supported me.  I am proud to represent Team Scorpion in 2018.”