Greg Jackson

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Greg Jackson has been in the RC hobby for 3 decades.  In 2004, Dr. Jackson was the Xmods Alabama champion and a semi-finalist at the national competition.  He is also a team pilot for Synergy & Rail Blades, Scorpion, BK Servos, Pulse Batteries, A Main Hobbies, and Canomod Canopy.  At the National Aermodeling Championships, he has placed in the top 5 twice.  In 2016, Greg was selected for the first ever USA F3N Team for the 2017 World Championships. 


Modeling Accomplishments: 

AMA F3N NATS, 5th Place  2017

FAI F3N Team USA, Inaugural Team  2016-2017

MA F3N NATS, 5th Place   2016

3D Flight School-Atlanta   2013

XMODS RC Racing League State Champion-Alabama  2004

XMODS RC Racing League National Championships, Semi-Finals-Atlanta  2004

2019 F3N Sportsman National Champion


                Current RC Sponsors:

                                Synergy Field Representative

                                Rail Blades


                                BK Servos

                                Pulse Batteries


                                Lynx and Oxy                                                                                                    


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                List of Planned Events for 2018

                                Tuscaloosa Fun-Fly

                                Heli Swarm, Botos Ranch (May and October)

                                Birmingham Fun-Fly

                                Huntsville Fun-Fly