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Hello my name is Gabriel Sandoval I am a Team Scorpion RC Helicopter pilot.

I have been involved in the RC hobby for over 35 years now starting with a Tamiya "Hornet" buggy and now experiencing a fondness for RC Helicopters and Turbine jets. I have been flying helicopters actively since 2004 and my first helicopter was a GMP "Cricket". I now fly for Synergy RC Helicopters, and power my electric Synergy Helicopters with Scorpion Motors and ESC's. I am also a founding member of the Midwest Heli Boyz RC Helicopter Club and our annual event "Rotors on the River". I have fully immersed myself within the hobby and love going to flying events regionally if my schedule allows. I am a helicopter flight instructor for two local clubs and hold both an AMA Contest Director status and Turbine Waiver status. I am honored to be able to represent the finest Motors and Electronic Speed Controllers in the RC Industry!


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Gabriel Sandoval

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