Maximilian Fuchs

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My name is Maxi Fuchs, I'm 19 years old and I live in Neumarkt-St.Veit, Bavaria/Germany.

I started flying when I was 6 years old and at the age of 13 I bought my first helicopter. 

I've joined the Scorpion Power System´s and Miniature Aircraft USA in 2019.

 I'am really impressed how much power the Scorpion motors give to my Whiplash 730E, I also like that it does not matter whether it's cold or hot , I can always be confident that my helicopter has full power in the whole flight.

I use the Scorpion  HKII-4530-540kv  in my Whiplash 730E from Miniatre Aircraft and I visit many events in Germany,Austria and Switzerland.

I´m really prowd  that Scoprion Powersystems made it possible to join this fantastic team and I´m looking forward to many amazing moments together with my team.