Michael Ludtke

Puerto Rico
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My name is Michael Ludtke. I am from Canada but I have lived in Puerto Rico since 2003. I have been flying RC Helicopters since 2009. I am not a competition pilot, but more enjoy helping and supporting anyone I can. Whether it be at the field, forums or social media, I am likely wrenching on something or trying to help someone. I enjoy flying smooth precision 3D but sometimes it is fun to just smack the heli around as hard as I can. Scorpion motors and ESCs make that possible. I have been through many different helicopters over the years. Currently flying a Protos 380, Protos 700x and a Protos 800 Evo. The scorpion motors inside just keep going and going. The 4530-450 in the 700x has flown in 5 different helicopters since 2014. Tons of flights.

Current Motors and ESCs. HKIII-5035-410Kv HK-4530-450Kv HK-3020-1000Kv Tribunus 14-200 ESC SBEC