Lukas Vacek

Czech Republic
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My name is Lukas Vacek and I am fascinated by the RC model world since my youngest years. After five years of flying with the acrobatic airplane, I decided to move on to RC helicopter section.

First time I saw helicopter hovering in the inverted position, I knew, this is something I have to try. This passion for amazing maneuvers, reversing and lots of possibilities in flying combinations is still motivating me to go to the airport and have fun with my beasts.

I have been flying for team Scorpion power system since 2014 3D CUP in France. I am really grateful for the opportunity to wear Scorpion team colours. The quality of Scorpion products is exactly what your high-end models deserve.


Particiaption Event or Compettion with rewards:

  • 3D CUP France
  • ROTOR Live Germany
  • GLobal 3D Netherland
  • Heli CUP Czech Republic