Scorpion A-4220 V2 PNP Combo (6s/70E+/2553w)

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In combination with our new A-Series motor line debut, we are also please to announce our new "PLUG-N-POWER" combo kits! We wanted to take the guess work out of Electric Power Systems, and provide our customers with a simple, convenient and reliable power system for their 70E+ / 15cc sized airplanes commonly used in 60"-64" Acrobatic Airplanes. The A-4220 PNP Combo is the solution. This pairs our high power and high efficiency A-series motors with one of our suitably sized, preprogrammed, Tribunus III ESCs! Providing you with a tested, proven, and convenient power system combo, which is sure to provide you immense power, at the best efficiency! This PNP combo is ready to easily bolt on, and give you the power you need, with the efficiency you want.

Recommended Prop : 15x10E / 16x7E / 16x8E

Recommended Battery : 6s 3300 - 5000mah


Total Power System Weight (Motor+ESC+Cross Mount) 452g (15.94 oz)


Motor Kv 540 RPM / Volt
Weight (including cross mount + Prop mount accessories) 336g ( 11.96oz)
Motor Body Dimensions 45.8mm x 50.7mm (+12.0mm prop spacer) (1.80" x 2.00" (+ 0.47") )
External Shaft Diameter 8mm
Continuous Current 90A
Continuous Power 1998 Watts
Peak Current* 115A
Peak Power* 2553 Watts
Max Rated Lipo Cell 6s
Stator Arms 12
Magnet Poles 14


Max Continuous Current 110 Amps
Peak Current 150Amps
Operating Voltage Range 11-26.1 Volts
BEC Output voltage*: OFF/5.1-12.1V Adjustable
Max Continuous BEC Output 10 Amps @ 8.1 V
Peak BEC Output 20 Amps/1s @ 8.1 V
Size 32.0 x 52.5 x 23.1 mm (1.26 x 2.07 x 0.91 in)
Mounting Tab Dimensions 16.0 (Battery Side) / 24.0mm (Phase Side) x 58.0mm (0.63 / 0.94 x 2.28in) / M2.5 Bolt
Weight (Without Connectors) 105g (3.70oz)
Drive frequency 8kHz - 32kHz
Cable gauge 12 AWG


*Our ratings are classified as TRUTHFUL. Continuous Current / Power correlates to actual sustainable power levels. Peak Power is for intermittent full throttle usage ranging from 5 - 60 seconds depending on use case and cooling*

Performance Charts

Scorpion A-4220 V2 PNP Combo (6s/70E+/2553w) Data chart Scorpion A-4220 V2 PNP Combo (6s/70E+/2553w) Data chart Scorpion A-4220 V2 PNP Combo (6s/70E+/2553w) Data chart Scorpion A-4220 V2 PNP Combo (6s/70E+/2553w) Data chart

Use Case Applications

Included in the Box

1 x A-4220-540kv Motor
1 x Tribunus III 06 - 110A ESC SBEC
1 x 30mm cooling fan
1 x (L) Anti-Slip Lock Strap
2 x 550mm BEC Cables
1 x Hardware Mounting Pack

Weight including packaging


Scorpion A-4220-540kv + A-4220 PNP Combos {Official Promo Video}