Scorpion A-3017-600kv

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The Scorpion A - Series line of motors was designed to be the most optimal and premier choice of motor for your freestyle or UAV airplane. Unlike most motors on the market, who choose one motor / magnet design, and then only change the windings to achieve different KV's (which usually provides one KV range with good results, and average results for the other KV ranges). On the A - series motors we looked at each kv / power range individually. We choose the most optimal magnetic design for each individual kv and implemented it, so that each KV version has the best possible Performance and Efficiency .

The performance and efficiency results are unlike anything we have seen before!

The A-3017 series was designed specifically for 48" Acrobatic Airplanes, or other Sport / UAV airplanes requiring up to 962w of power. Also known as the 30-32E size. For the A-3017 we offer 3 x kv ranges of 560 / 600 / 920 for various applications and various voltage ranges. The 600kv being the premier high power choice for 6s powered 48" Acrobatic Planes or suitable UAVs.

Recommended Prop Selection : :

- 12x6 / 12x7 = Efficiency

- 13x6 = Optimal

- 13x6.5 / 14x6 = High Alt

Recommended ESC - : Tribunus 06-80A ESC SBEC

Acrobatic Weight Range (600kv) - : 1.3kg - 2.18kg (46oz - 77oz)

Sport / UAV (single engine) Weight Range (600kv) - : 2.3kg - 5.03kg (81.1oz - 177.6oz)


Scorpion Power System - A-3017 {Official Promo Video}

Scorpion A-3017-600kv


Motor Kv 600 RPM / Volt
Weight (Motor only) 136g (4.80 oz)
Weight (including mount + accessories) 154g (5.43 oz)
Motor Body Dimensions 36.60 mm x 36.5mm (1.44" x 1.44")
External Shaft Diameter 5.98mm
Continuous Current 25A
Continuous Power 555 Watts
Peak Current 43A
Peak Power 962 Watts
Max Rated Lipo Cell** 6s
Stator Diameter 30.0 mm (1.18 in)
Stator Thickness 17 mm (0.67 in)
No. of Stator Arms 12
Magnet Poles 14
Motor Wind 9T/10T Delta
Motor Wire 8-Strand x 0.25
No-Load Current (IO/15V) 0.99 Amps
Motor Internal Resistance (phase-phase) 50 mΩ
Motor Inductance (phase-phase) @ 1khz 19.0µH
*Our ratings are classified as truthful. Continuous Current / Power correlates to actual sustainable power levels. Peak Power is for intermittent full throttle usage ranging from 5 - 60 seconds depending on use case and cooling*
**Higher Cell Count possible with smaller prop usage**

Included in the Box

1 x A-3017 Motor with prop washer & nut
1 x 44/58mm Cross Mount + Screws
3 x Female Bullet Connectors + heatshrink
3 x Scorpion Stickers
16 x 3x10x1mm thrust spacing washers
4 x M3x10 moutning screws
4 x M3x16 mounting screws

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