Scorpion A-74 Cross Mount (50cc-76cc)

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Product Description

The Scorpion A-74 Gas Equivalent Cross Mounts are designed in conjunction with our A-74 Series motors. When used with our A-74 motors, you can choose one of our mounts which matches perfectly the equivalently sized gas engine bolt hole pattern. Since our A - Series motors share the same bolt hole spacing and bolt size for the cross mount, you can even "cross size" motor size and cross mount size.

The A-74 Cross Mount (50cc-76cc) match the bolt hole spacing of the common DA 60cc / DA 70cc / GP 76cc.

Combine as well with our A - Series Standoff Set (30cc-76ccc) to not only match the bolt hole spacing, but also the length of your A Series electric motor, to a common Gas Engine Size.


Motor Mounting Dimensions M6 x 40 dia.
Cross Mount Dimensions 66mm x 78mm / M5

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