Scorpion A-Series Compact Standoff Set (60cc-76cc)

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Product Description

The Scorpion A-Series Compact Standoff Set is designed to pair with our Scorpion A-6528 Motor, and matches the spacing of an equivalent 60cc - 76cc engine when used on certain airframes such as Flex Innovation, and CARF models. This standoff set is useful as well if you need to match the exact engine size (without any additional spacers) of a 60cc - 76cc size engine.

They are a rugged standoff set, and with the deep threads, and long M5 bolts you are sure as well to get through any firewall, and spacer combination you can think of!

Combine as well with our A - Series Gas Equivalent sized Cross Mounts to not only match the length of your electric motor, but also the bolt hole spacing to a common Gas Engine Size.

NOTE: Does not fit 60cc - 76cc planes with "standard" engine + spacer spacing, such as Skywing, Extreme Flight, AJ Aircraft, etc. For such planes, buy Scorpion A-series Standoff Set (30cc-76cc)

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