Scorpion RS-3420 Motor Bearing Kit

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Product Description

In order to keep your motor in top running condition, you need a good set of bearings. Occasionally, after a crash, the bearings can become damaged and need to be replaced. The Scorpion RS-3420 Series Motor Bearing Kit includes a pair of original equipment replacement bearings to fit the Scorpion RS-3420 Series motors.

These bearings measure 9mm OD x 4mm ID x 4mm thick. These bearings are exact replacements for the stock bearings that come with the motors

Please note, the bearings are an exact fit into the motor housings, so they do fit snugly. When removing the old bearings, you may need to gently tap them out. However, when installing the new bearings, do not tap them in with anything, as this can dent the ball races and ruin the bearings. When installing ball bearings they need to be pressed in by the outer part of the race. Never apply pressure to the inner race, as this can damage the bearing and lead to premature failure.


4*9*4mm bearing *2

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