IPM Ferrite Machine

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IPM Ferrite Motor Dimension

IPM Ferrite Motor Dimension

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Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) ferrite machine

To penetrate into the upcoming electric vehicle markets worldwide, the next-generation electric traction motors must meet the competing requirements of high efficiency, high torque density, high reliability, and low cost. Furthermore, these requirements will be subject to the drive cycles of the vehicles, which can greatly impact the optimum operating points and the overall efficiency of the motor, resulting in further challenges in the design of the motor.

This ferrite interior permanent magnet (IPM) synchronous machine aims to address these demanding requirements with a novel two-layer configuration. Whilst ferrite permanent magnets reduces the motor material cost significantly, its intrinsically low remanence flux density means that special method is needed to boost the resultant flux in the machine’s air gap. Here, we use a two-layer ‘spoke’ configuration that not only enhances the flux, but also creates a high saliency structure to generate reluctance torque. The motor therefore harnesses both permanent magnet (PM) torque and reluctance torque to achieve a high resultant torque. The spoke structure also helps to mitigate the risk of demagnetisation of the ferrite magnets, which is more prone to being demagnetised than the rare-earth magnets.

Using the Toyota Prius traction rare-earth PM machine (2010 version) as the benchmark for performance comparison, this experimental motor has the same dimensions and uses the same voltage input, and has achieved 95% of the torque of the Prius PM machine. The motor has been extensively tested in UK machine laboratories, and offers the future electric vehicle markets an exciting low-cost and yet high performance electric machine option.

Further information on the IPM ferrite machine can be in this link:

Low load laboratory tests of the IPM ferrite machine can be in this link:

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Professor Patrick Luk

Cranfield University, U.K.

T: +44-1234-754716

E: p.c.k.luk@cranfield.ac.uk


Constant Torque Speed Range 0-3000 rpm
Constant Torque 171 Nm
Highest Speed 12000 rpm
Cruising Torque at Highest Speed 30 Nm
Efficiency at Rated Load 93.6%
Peak Efficiency 97.8%
Overall Weight 33 kg