Scorpion M-2205-2350kv

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Optional accessories: Prop Adapter

Product Description

One box included one CW motor and one CCW motor.


Stator Diameter 22.0 mm (0.87 in)
Stator Thickness 5.0 mm (0.197 in)
No. of Stator Arms 12
Magnet Poles 14
Motor Wind 22 Turn Delta
Motor Wire 4-Strand 0.21mm
Motor Kv 2350 RPM / Volt
No-Load Current (Io/10V) 0.88 Amps
Motor Resistance (Rm) 0.775 Ohms
Max Continuous Current 25 Amps
Max Continuous Power 370 Watts
Weight 30.6 Grams (1.08 oz)
Outside Diameter 27.9 mm (1.09 in)
Shaft Diameter 2.98 mm (0.12 in)
Body Length 19.60 mm (0.84 in)
Output Shaft Length 12 mm (0.47 in)
Max Lipo Cell 4s
Motor Timing 5deg
Drive Frequency 8kHz

Included in the Box

M3 *8
M-2205-2350kv motor *2
Bullet nuts *2

Weight including packaging


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