Scorpion 80V 1880uF Capacitor / PDB Board (with mounts)


Product Description

On Large size UAVs, long length of wire between the Battery and ESC is often inevitable. Such long battery wires induce noise and voltage ripple into your ESC which may damage your ESC.

The Scorpion 80V low impedance capacitor bank is designed for HV ESCs (up to 14s lipo), and is intended for setups where the length of input wires to the ESC from the battery are in excess 150mm up to 1.5 meters.

As secondary function, the product also serves as a Power Distribution Board allowing for more easy soldering of battery leads for use cases where multiple batteries are used in various parallel and/or series connections.

This version of the product comes with 2 x mounts + hardware which bolt conveniently to the PCB and allow for easy mounting to your UAV and better vibration insulation via 4 x screws + grommets.

Note: If using battery wire length in excess of 1.5 meter, it is required to use one capacitor board soldered near the ESC, and additional capacitor boards soldered along the wires every 1.5 meters of wire length.

Scorpion 80V 1880uF Capacitor / PDB Board (with mounts)

Included in the Box

1 x Capacitor / PDB Board

Weight including packaging