Scorpion High Performance Tools - Ratchet Screwdriver

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Product Description

The latest innovation from Scorpion, and the next addition to your Tool Box! We present to you the Scorpion High Performance Ratchet Driver.

This lightweight, yet ultra durable tool contains many unique features which make it the optimal tool for many of your wrenching needs.

The main feature is the new the Ratchet system. The 3 position ring allows you to select if you want the Ratchet to work in the CW, or CCW direction, or lock both directions. Combined with our hollow core design, and knurled handle grip, the result is a tool with amazing function all which helps speed up your builds, and reduce fatigue on your hands.

If that was not enough, there is even more features packed in this tool. This tool is also a Multi-Tool, which houses up to 7 tool bits in the handle!

If you need just 1 tool, which can fulfill nearly all your needs, then you need the Scorpion Ratchet Screwdriver.

Included in the Box

Scorpion Ratchet Screw Driver
1.5mm hex bit
2.0mm hex bit
2.5mm hex bit
3.0mm hex bit
4.0mm hex bit
4.0mm Phillips bit
4.0mm Flat bit

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